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Experience the Peloponnese 

When visiting this wonderful region of Greece you’ll be able to visit amazing historical sights.


Voidokoilia’s cove and beach are located northwest of the historic town of Pylos, in Messinia district, which has been declared as an archeological site and a place with unique natural beauty. Archaeologists have unveiled precious monuments in the region, lending it great value. It’s symmetrical landscape, reminiscing an ancient theatre, embraces a stunning sandy beach with turquoise waters. 


The main square of Pylos town will make it hard for you to leave your seat as it is filled with cafés under a nice shadow created by the old plane trees. Stone built houses, unique architectural tradition, picturesque little shops and the mesmerising castle will fill your travel itinerary with dreamlike stops. The impressive big castle used to protect against pirate invasions.

The castle of Methoni 

Built by the Venetians in the early 13th century on a rocky promontory, the castle is among the largest ones in the Mediterranean. You’ll be astonished at the bridge stone of 14 arches which connects the castle to the shore instead of the timber one that used to stand in its place before the Venetians ever got there. The celebrated symbol of Venice, the lion of St Marc, dominates the gate of the castle where immured reliefs, emblems, blazons, inscriptions, the huge gates –especially the main gate, above the moat – and the relics of two Ottoman bathhouses have survived.

The castle of Koroni

One of the finest examples of the Venetian fortress architecture and amongst the few of each kind to encompass houses and churches, the castle of Koroni dominates Akritas cape, on the southern edge of the Messinian Gulf.


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