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Our Skill for Amazon Alexa

Off to a flying start

Get the latest arrival and departure information of your easyJet flight without lifting a finger.

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Super easy set up


From your Alexa app, tap ‘Skills’ in the menu and search for easyJet. 



Just tap ‘Enable’.


Now the fun part. Ask Alexa about your flight.
Just ask

“Alexa, ask easyJet if my flight
is on time”

Find out if your easyJet flight is on time – perfect if you are travelling yourself or if you need to collect friends or family from the airport.

“Alexa, ask easyJet for status
of EZY8581”

If you know your flight number you can simply ask for the status.

“Alexa, ask easyJet for Gatwick
to Paris flight status”

Not sure of the exact flight number? No problem – as long as you know where the flight is going from and to, the easyJet Skill will help you find it.


Your flight number can be found on your boarding pass or your easyJet booking confirmation. The flight number starts with EZY or EZS. Please just say the digits after EZY or EZS.

You can look up your flight 2 days in advance.

The easyJet skill is available in the Alexa app, just search for the skill and enable it.

Please go to for the latest information. You can also find out more about what to do when a flight is delayed or cancelled by going to our dedicated help page: Delays and cancellations.

We are sorry, please go to to check your flight status. We are continuously improving the skill so be sure to try it again soon.

‘Alexa, ask easyJet for flight status Gatwick to Barcelona.’, ‘Alexa, ask easyJet for status of EZY2151. ‘

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