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Looking for a city break that combines great culture, fine cuisine and maybe a spot of winter sports? Then look no further than Turin.  When it comes to fabulous settings, Turin has the competition well and truly beaten. Snow-capped mountains in the background, rolling villa-clad hills in the foreground and the stunning River Po snaking its way through the middle – what more could you ask? Well how about two thousand years of history?

Turin used to be the capital of Italy after all, and will keep you entertained for days with its world-beating array of museums, palaces and castles. Oh, and then of course there is the Turin Shroud, that mysterious piece of cloth that was used to wrap the body of Jesus, or so legend has it. Head down to the Cathedral of St John the Baptist if you want to know more. And if that doesn’t whet your appetite then walking around this stunning city certainly will. Turin is awash with Baroque architecture, impressive piazzas and has a royal style that is very reminiscent of Paris. 

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