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Travelling from London to Crete Chania

Greece’s largest island, Crete is an unfurled carpet of azure lagoons, ancient treasures, charming villages and sun-warmed beaches.

The culture, started by the first advanced society on European soil, the Minoans, is equally dynamic. Crete was only added into Greece a hundred years ago and the islanders still identify as Cretans first and Greeks second. Orthodox churches abound, as do local musicians playing lyres, regional dances and time-honoured festivals. Here, locavore (eating locally produced food) is the dish of the day, with most restaurants producing and serving their own cheese, meats and wines. They even catch their own seafood. The best thing to do is dive right in: grab a shot of raki (a fiery spirit), gossip in a kafeneia (coffee house) and be sure to drizzle olive oil on everything.

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