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Why fly to Inverness?

Remote mountains, stunning natural beauty, myth, folklore and even a mysterious sea monster – holidays in Inverness and the Scottish Highlands offer you something entirely different. Not only does Inverness have the title of most northerly city in the UK, but it also has the honour of being the gateway to the Scottish Highlands. And any trip to arguably the most beautiful part of the country is not complete without first stopping in this small yet vibrant place. Located along the River Ness with the stunning pink-hued Inverness Castle keeping a watchful eye, Inverness is steeped in history both inside and outside the city.

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Inverness is known as the gateway to the Highlands, and it buzzes with life from April to August, when the temperatures are the warmest, the hills are cloaked in a beautiful emerald green colour and the hotels are packed out. This is an especially popular time for families, who flock here to explore the countryside and search for the elusive Nessie, so there’s lots going on.

Avoid the crowds

To avoid the busiest months and take advantage of the lower accommodation prices, consider visiting Inverness in October. This is the point where the distilleries are much less in demand, and the Medieval sites in the old town are easier to get to. The weather is also warmer than you’d expect, with the annual blanket of snow yet to settle on the Highlands. Expect some rainy days, though.

Your Inverness Questions Answered

There are four main methods of getting from Inverness Airport to Inverness: train, bus, taxi, or hire car. It is a distance of around nine miles, with the A96 the connecting road.

To make the most of the city's beautiful surroundings, you can easily hire a car at the airport for your whole stay. If you'd rather avoid driving yourself, there's also a dedicated taxi zone at the airport.

Inverness Airport Railway Station is another option - there's a bus that takes visitors from the airport directly to the station, or a well-lit walkway connecting the two. Walking to the station will take around 20 minutes. If you prefer this method of transport, a bus runs every 30 minutes from the airport into town. Depending on traffic, it takes 37 minutes to reach the city.

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