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Why fly to Åre Östersund?

Whether you’re planning a skiing holiday or looking for a cosy winter destination with good food and outdoor adventure, this is the place to go. Surrounded by mountains and filled with shops, cafés and restaurants, Östersund, on the shores of Lake Storsjön, brings the outdoors and city life together in one destination. Östersund is also known as “the Winter City”, because it caters for just about any activity on snow or ice.

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Best time to visit

Are Ostersund is a delight in the spring and summer months, when the lakesides are filled with wildflowers and the temperatures the mildest. It’s also the best time for getting out and enjoying the area’s countless outdoor activities. Alternatively, come in the cold winter months and hole up in one of Are Ostersund’s luxury spas.

Avoid the crowds

Are Ostersund is busy between May and September, with tourists flocking here to take in the fresh lake air and get to grips with hiking and kayaking. Come in April for lower prices and cooler temperatures – it’s still mild enough to enjoy the outdoors, though.

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