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Why fly to Aqaba?

“To Aqaba!”The immortal words of Peter O’Toole in the film Lawrence of Arabia are bound to ring in your ears as you explore this historic city.

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Best time to visit

The majority of visitors fly into Aqaba between March and May when the searingly hot heat of summer has not yet struck but the days are warm and the nights are relatively cool. The worst of the rains are over by March and the weather is ideal for both hitting the beach and hiking in the nature reserves amongst blooming flowers. The only hindrance is a desert wind that can pick up at this time.

Avoid the crowds

Aqaba is something of a hidden gem so you don't need to worry too much about beating the crowds, but if you visit Aqaba in the shoulder season between September and October you should be able to find more competitive flight and hotel prices. The daytime temperature during this period is still hot but more manageable than in the peak summer and the conditions are ideal for diving in the Red Sea with warm, clear waters.

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