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Why fly to Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is not your usual Middle Eastern city. This modern metropolis is all about the sun, sea and party after party. At just over 100 years old, Tel Aviv is a mere teenager on the scale of world cities, and it shows.

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Best time to visit

As a beachside city, Tel Aviv springs into full summertime action between June and August as the weather becomes roastingly hot and the chance of rain decreases. There's also a bit of a lively boom in winter as residents of colder climes jet in to thaw out in the warm conditions.

Avoid the crowds

Take advantage of cheaper hotel and airfare prices by flying to Tel Aviv between March and May or September and October. The weather will be pleasantly warm and you'll be able to swim comfortably in September or October although the water will be a bit too chilly to stay in the water for long before June.

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