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Why fly to Dresden?

Full of imperial grace, you’ll be longing to get lost amongst Dresden’s imperial palaces, parklands and riverside walks. Dubbed the ‘Florence of the north’ in the 18th century, the German city of Dresden still retains all the rich and romantic charm of Tuscany’s finest city. Once the home of Saxon kings, this city certainly has a royal flavour to it.

When's the best time to go?


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Best time to visit

Dresden's moderate climate makes it a year round destination, but fly into the city in June, July and August and you'll get the warmest weather for exploring. These summer months see the city come alive with unique events such as August's Stadtfest which celebrates the Baroque Old Town with a boisterous party.

Avoid the crowds

Dresden's summer can be a bit too hot for some. Visit in May, September and October, and you'll benefit from cooler - yet pleasant weather - as well as better deals on flights and accommodation. Fly to Dresden in May for the start of the Dresden Music Festivals, including the annual Dixieland jazz festival.

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