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Is it a bird…? Is it a plane…? No, it is the Zeppelin that has seen Friedrichshafen soar to fame ever since the high-minded Count Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin – a retired, Prussian army officer - launched the first giant cigar-shaped airship here way back in 1900. The town’s museum now whisks you through the history, with impressive numbers including the Graf Zeppelin, which breezed around the world in just 21 days in 1929. Should this float your boat, you can take to the skies yourself on a mini Zeppelin flight.But there’s more to Friedrichshafen than monster-sized airships.

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The majority of people fly to Friedrichshafen in July and August when the weather is at its best, reaching to the balmy mid-twenties. It's the perfect time for lounging on the shores of Lake Constance and soaking in the views of the alps across the water.

Avoid the crowds

As one of Germany's lesser-known treasures, Friedrichshafen rarely feels overcrowded but you can take advantage of cheaper flight and hotel prices by visiting between May and June or September and October. The weather is pleasantly mild during these months and the odd rainy day can be enjoyably spent exploring the city's three fascinating museums.

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