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So you’re looking for a touch of the exotic, somewhere different from the norm, but a holiday destination where you can still experience sand beneath your feet, crystal clear waters and perfect weather come summer or winter? It sounds to us like your next holiday destination should be Morocco.

This North African country is a melting pot of cultures that will take you back in time to a world of bustling souks, medieval medinas, and squares full of fire eaters, snake charmers and sweet smelling spices. Cities like Marrakech provide the perfect setting for those looking for a break with a difference. Where you’ll spend mornings getting lost amongst ancient markets, wile away the afternoons relaxing in hammams and enjoy evenings full of bellydancing, acrobats and that famous Moroccan cuisine. While the financial powerhouse that is Casablanca offers tourists the other side of the country, one of modern shopping centres, beach bars and western-style nightclubs. All a long way from the images conjured up by the 1940s film of the same name.

And the beach? Well, this is where Morocco comes into its own. Think pristine golden sands, resorts like Agadir full of every amenity under the sun and great year-round weather and you have the perfect recipe for that beach holiday you’ve been longing for. It sounds almost too good to be true; bustling culture-filled cities, large and modern metropolises and relaxing beach resorts to boot! Oh, and let’s not forget those prices which have the competition well and truly beaten. And, with a natural beauty that includes snow-capped mountains, forests of cedar trees, fertile green valleys and all those traditional Berber villages where life carries on as it has done for centuries, Morocco is a holiday destination that satisfies all tastes. Quick city break, a relaxing week at the beach or a longer tour of one of the most exotic countries in the world, Morocco and all its different faces will definitely not disappoint. The only question is choosing the holiday that is right for you!


Morocco weather

You’ll find the weather in Morocco differs depending on where in the country you are. The coastal areas enjoy a milder Mediterranean climate while further, temperatures are hotter and the climate is much dryer. Further south things get even hotter and rain becomes a rare occurrence. Summer or winter you are likely to experience good weather with average annual temperatures in cities like Marrakech of 22 degrees.


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