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Why fly to Hurghada?

When it comes to that good old mix of rest, relaxation and revelry, the Red Sea resort of Hurghada has a winning formula. Located on Egypt’s eastern coast, this relative newcomer in the world of sun-drenched tourist hotspots is famous for its crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, colourful coral reefs and all kinds of accommodation.

When's the best time to go?


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Best time to visit

With year-round warmth, Hurghada gets the majority of its visitors between the months of December and March. Fly to Hurghada during the winter for copious coastal sunshine and incredible diving. The weather during these months is perfect for escaping the chill found nearly everywhere else at this time but mercifully never reaches the seriously sizzling temperatures of summer.

Avoid the crowds

Fly to Hurghada between April and May or October and November for the least crowds and competitive hotel and flight rates. The weather during these months is beautifully hot with plenty of heat in the sea and you'll avoid the swelteringly hot temperatures of high summer. You'll get bounteous sunshine and wonderful conditions for diving.

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