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Why fly to Marsa Alam?

Get away from it all at Marsa Alam, Egypt’s up-and-coming Red Sea destination. The most southern of Egypt’s resorts, divers have been coming to this far-flung spot for years for the unbelievable coral worlds just under the sea – but it’s only just appearing on more mainstream travellers’ radars. This is the sweet spot of travel: it’s not totally dead, nor is it teeming with tourists or soullessly over-developed. Though to be fair, the beaches here will sweeten any trip, regardless of crowds. The sand is powdery white, the seas brilliantly blue, and the sun’s always shining.

When's the best time to go?


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Best time to visit

Sitting near to the Tropic of Cancer, Marsa Alam gets sizzlingly hot summers and mild winters with lots of sunshine. Between November and March is a really popular time to fly to Marsa Alam as visitors seek to escape the frosty conditions of home but don't want to bear the soaring highs of the Egyptian summer. Winter also benefits from limited rainfall.

Avoid the crowds

Between March and May and October to November, Marsa Alam is warm and sunny but not as scorchingly hot as peak summer or as busy with European visitors as mid winter. You'll find your best chances of bagging a great deal on flights and hotels during these months. It's a superb time to explore the Red Sea beach resorts that skirt the town and discover the treasures of the area's spectacular marine life.

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