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Why fly to Split?

With cheap flights to Split, you can enjoy everything the Croatian coast has to offer without going over budget. There's everything here, from historic ruins to forests, beaches and secluded islands. Book tickets to Split today, and get ready for a dreamy seaside escape with a cultural twist.

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The months of July and August attract the most visitors to Split with holiday makers flying in to enjoy the seaside town in the hot sunshine. International festivals such as Yacht Week and the Split Summer Festival draw revellers from far and wide and the restaurants, hotel and beach bars will be bustling with activity.

Avoid the crowds

September and October are lovely months to fly into Split and discover its coastal charm. You'll have much more space to yourself as the main throngs of tourist will have already departed. The Adriatic Sea is still warm enough for swimming during these months and hotel rates will have climbed down from their mid-summer peak.

Your Split Questions Answered

Whether you're on a strict budget or not, you'll be happy to know that Split is relatively inexpensive. Compared to how much you'd spend in the UK and nearby Dubrovnik, you won't need to shell out as much for services, food, and activities in Split. If you want to shrink your costs down even further, travelling to Split tends to be cheaper from September to October.

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