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Why fly to Pula?

As an ancient Roman settlement, Pula is famous for its historic buildings. The most famous building in the city is the Arena, which is one of the largest remaining amphitheatres in the world. Back in its heyday, it would have held around 23,000 spectators. People still flock here from all around the globe today to attend events and concerts throughout the year.

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Best time to visit

Pula sees the majority of its visitors land between the months of June and August when flights from elsewhere are at their most plentiful. Sunshine seekers come to explore the city in the heat and hit the beaches. You'll find that the city's restaurants and hotels are in full swing and there's a couple of awesome music festivals to earmark too.

Avoid the crowds

Fly to Pula in May, June or September for more competitive rates on flights and hotels. You'll also avoid the sometimes searingly hot temperatures of the height of summer while still finding it warm enough to relax on the beaches and amble around the Kamenjak National Park. Pula's a working city so you'll get more bang for your buck in terms of restaurant and nightlife during these shoulder months than its more touristic coastal siblings.

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