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Where to begin? Even for the most decisive, Germany will have you all of a fluster when it comes to deciding exactly where to go and what to do. Germany’s offering of culture, history, nightlife, natural beauty and all sorts of tourist activities is so rich and varied that saying there’s something for everyone is actually an understatement.

When it comes to serving up the best of city break treats, Germany really does have the competition well and truly beaten. Nowhere else in Europe will you find a country with so many large and diverse cities, all with their own distinct style and traditions. From Cologne, with its Roman ruins and multi-coloured town houses, to Berlin, with its tale of two cities style, art galleries and pumping nightlife. Germany’s cities are both culture packed and cutting edge with attractions that will satisfy even the most demanding of tourists. What could be better than that? Well how about some of Europe’s biggest festivals? That’s right, Germany’s cities are home to some of the world’s more famous wine and beer celebrations culminating in Munich’s Oktoberfest at the end of September. How much beer can you drink? Come here and you’ll quickly find out.

When it’s not dazzling you with the quality of its cities, Germany will be leaving you breathless with the beauty of its countryside. This is fairytale country after all, where conifer forests and medieval castles lie along meandering river valleys that once inspired stories of Snow White and Cinderella. If you like your countryside lush and green, then look no further. But if your preference is for lakeside vistas coupled with the odd snow-capped mountain or two then you’re also in luck. The state of Bavaria will overwhelm you with its breathtaking Alpine peaks, sleepy mountain villages and world-class ski resorts. Towns like Garmisch-Partenkirchen offer winter travellers some of Europe’s best slopes with some of Germany’s top hiking trails thrown in. And winter in Germany isn’t just restricted to the slopes; the country that brought us the Christmas tree certainly knows how to put on a festive show. December sees the land covered in Christmas markets bringing a good dose of magic to the holiday season. If you’re after a trip packed full of culture, natural beauty and diverse nightlife, then Germany is calling your name. Summer or winter, this country is definitely a top choice.


Germany weather

As you might expect, Germany’s weather is at its finest between May and September. While these months are the best time to go if you want to soak up the sun, experience the glorious German countryside at its best and see German festivities bring the towns and cities to life, it’s also the busiest time for tourism. Visiting in the spring and autumn months will give you a bit more breathing room, coupled with enjoyable, mild weather. If you’re skiing, of course, you’ll want to head to the mountains between mid-December and March to make the most of the season. 


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