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There is supposedly one sauna for every three people in Finland, but hot steam isn’t the only thing rising in this Nordic hot spot. The land of reindeer and father Christmas is also home to what is fast becoming Europe’s new capital of cool, Helsinki. Although the city is steeped in old fashion gentility, it is juxtaposed with a cool, quirky contemporary scene with a wealth of attractions and activities. It’s also earning a reputation as a design mecca and source of the minimalist movement in furniture and fashion. One of the must-do’s on your Helsinki bucket list has to be one of the regions famous saunas.But be warned you’ll need to check your modesty at the door. Finnish saunas can be naked, although many in Helsinki have designated men’s and women’s areas. One of the most picturesque venues for a steam is Löyly sauna. It’s found on the waterline jutting out of Helsinki’s harbour made up of an eye-catching array of wooden logs.In winter, temperatures plummet leaving solid swaths of ice stretching across the bay to the island fortress of Suomenlinna which you can reach by boat for a short day trip.


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