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Why fly to Tallinn?

City breaks don’t get much more romantic or fun-filled than Tallinn. The perfect combination of culture and nightlife ensure that you’ll have a truly memorable holiday.

When's the best time to go?


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Best time to visit

With delightfully warm weather between June and August and long, light-filled days, summer is a fantastic time to fly to Tallinn. This is the time of year for events such as Medieval Days, Maritime Days, music festivals and longer opening hours for museums and attractions. If you're planning to explore outside of the city, these months also have the most ferry services scheduled.

Avoid the crowds

If you'd like to explore Tallinn's charming Old Town without treading on people's toes, late spring or early autumn is the time to book your flight. From April to May and September to October, the city is relatively peaceful and prices fall accordingly. The weather might be a little nippy at the extremes but the city will be splendidly coloured by blooming flowers or autumnal leaves.

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