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Why fly to Salzburg?

Cheap flights to Salzburg take you to one of the most famous Austrian cities in the world. It's the beating heart of Austrian culture, and it's a fantastic place for a budget-friendly city break.

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Best time to visit

Salzburg enjoys gloriously hot summers which is when the majority of people choose to visit. The high season tends to peak around July and August when revellers come to enjoy the Salzburg Festival and the long daylight hours mean you can fit in lots of sightseeing. Book in advance to find the cheapest flights to Salzburg during the summer.

Avoid the crowds

While March and April can be a bit chilly and rainy, you'll have a good chance of finding cheap flights to Salzburg during these months. Spring is a beautiful time to explore the city and surrounding mountains as everything is starting to bloom and the high season crowds have yet to arrive.

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