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What will you choose to do in Denmark? Visit the odd historic city or two, hang out in one of its many theme parks, or party the night away in one of its summer festivals? Holidays to this small Scandinavian country are diverse, to say the very least.

There’s certainly more to Denmark than just good pastries, bacon and Lego. Just ask those friendly locals and they’ll quickly tell you that this is one of the world’s most sophisticated countries. They’ll also probably tell you about the country’s high standards when it comes to everything from eating out and accommodation to public transport and modern architecture. So be assured that a holiday spent in Denmark is a holiday where you know the standards will be top notch.

Spread across 482 islands to the north of Germany, small but perfectly formed Denmark wows tourists with cutting edge cities like Aarhus and Odense. Its capital Copenhagen pulls in the crowds with promises of Scandinavia’s best restaurants – this is Michelin territory if you didn’t know – its trendiest nightspots, and some of its best museums. And although these cities are as modern as you’ll find anywhere in the world, they’ve retained their medieval character of half-timbered houses and winding cobblestone streets. Denmark really does have the best of both worlds.

Come during the summer months and you’ll experience music festivals the Danish way, like the gigantic Roskilde Festival, or the forest located Skanderborg Festival. And if you have kids in tow, you’ll no doubt be choosing which of the country’s many theme parks is best. Will it be the world famous Legoland, Tivoli Gardens, also known as Scandinavia’s largest, or Bakken, officially the world’s oldest? Of course there’s nothing to stop you big kids out there going on your own. And while Denmark and beaches might not be something you’d immediately put together, tourists in the know spend their summers along the north coast of Zealand with its sandy stretches and crystal clear waters. If you didn’t know any better, you could almost be on the French Riviera – just watch the water though, it’s a few degrees cooler here. With a country like this, it’s no wonder the Danes are considered to be one of the happiest peoples in the world.


Denmark weather

Despite being part of Scandinavia, Denmark’s weather is surprisingly mild. You won’t find the extremes here that you’ll find in the northern parts of Norway or Finland. Instead you’ll come across summers where average temperatures hit maximums of a pleasant 22 degrees and winters hover around zero. You’re likely to experience snow showers if you travel between January and March, and while it rains more in August through to October, you should bring a brolly at all times of the year just in case.


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