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Group Bookings Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction

    1. The terms and conditions for Group Bookings are made up of (1) these Group Booking terms (the “Group Terms”); (2) the Manifest; and (3) easyJet’s general terms and conditions (the “General Terms”).

    2. If there is a clash between what these Group Terms say and what the General Terms say, then these Group Terms are the ones that apply.

    3. Please note that Group Bookings can only be made through our dedicated Group Bookings team.

    4. The definitions from the General Terms apply to these Group Terms, plus the further Group Booking specific definitions below.

  2. Definitions

    "Group" means the group of Passengers on a Group Booking;

    "Group Booker" means either a person who is at least 18 years of age or a business entity (e.g. a travel agent) who makes a Group Booking and who acts as agent for all Passengers in the Group Booking;

    "Group Booking" means any Booking made for a group of 10 or more passengers through our dedicated group bookings team and for which a Group Booking Fee applies;

    "Group Booking Fee" means the fee charged for using our Group Booking service as listed in our Fees and Charges policy;

    "Group Passenger" means any Passenger on a Group Booking; and

    "Manifest" means the form provided by easyJet in which the names and passport information (and any other information required by easyJet on the form) of all Group Passengers must be provided by the Group Booker in accordance with these Group Terms.

  3. Role of the Group Booker

    1. The Group Booker will be responsible for the Group Booking and accepts these Group Terms as an agent on behalf of all the Group Passengers on the Group Booking. The Group Booker will be responsible for receiving and relaying any and all communications/correspondence (including changes, amendments and cancellations) from us or our suppliers concerning the Group Booking to all Group Passengers named in the Group Booking.

    2. By making a Group Booking, the Group Booker agrees and acknowledges that they have the consent of each Group Passenger to disclose their personal data and passport details to us and to receive any refund and, where applicable, any compensation due and payable under the Group Booking in accordance with the General Terms.

    3. The Group Booker also agrees and acknowledges that any of the Group Passengers on the Group Booking may make subsequent changes to it, having passed through the requisite data protection security questions and confirmed to us that they have the Group Booker’s consent to make such changes. Provided we have acted reasonably and in good faith upon the answers to our data protection security questions, we shall not be liable for having made such changes if, without our knowledge, the Group Booker’s consent had not been so given.

  4. Making a Group Booking

    1. Group Bookings can only be made by calling or emailing our Group Bookings customer services team on +44 (0)330 5515 144 (Monday – Sunday, 09:00 to 17:30 or for which the Group Booking Fee will apply. The Group Booking Fee will be quoted at the time of the Group Booking, and will be charged per Passenger, per flight at the time of the Group Booking. The full value of the Group Booking must be paid at the time the Group Booking is made.

  5. Completing the Manifest

    1. In addition to a Booking Confirmation, we will send the Group Booker a Manifest by email once a Group Booking has been made. Group Bookers will need to complete the Manifest and return it to us at least 5 days before the scheduled departure time of the first flight on the Group Booking. Group Bookers can change the name(s) of Group Passengers at any time up to 5 days before the scheduled departure time of the first flight. Any changes to the Manifest later than 5 days before the scheduled departure time of the first flight will be subject to our Fees and Charges policy.

    2. I10. When completing the Manifest, if you have any sub-Bookings, you will need to list all sub-Bookings that form part of the overall Group Booking on the Manifest before returning it to us. We will then provide you with a corresponding Booking Reference for each of those sub-Bookings. You are required to pass on all Booking Reference details for those sub-Bookings to the Group Passengers. If you do not have any sub-Bookings, we will send you a single Booking Reference which you are required to pass to each Group Passenger on the Group Booking. We are not responsible for Group Passengers who miss flights where you have not provided them with necessary details about their Booking.

    3. You must confirm all Group Passenger details at least 5 days before the scheduled departure time of the first flight. In the event that you do not provide an accurate Manifest by this time, any changes made to the Manifest will be subject to our Fees and Charges policy. If the booking is cancelled, we will not refund the price of the flight to the Group Booker (except for a refund of Government Tax (see section 5.4 of the General Terms)).
  6. General

    1. All Group Passengers are required to check in online on our Website or mobile App and print or download their own boarding passes.

    2. Once a Group Booking has been made, the named Group Booker can’t be changed apart from the contact email address for that Group Booker which can be changed by contacting the Group Booking customer services team via the contact details set out in these Group Terms.

    3. Please contact our dedicated Group Booking customer services team if you have any queries about your Group Booking or these Group Terms. Please note that these Group Terms do not apply to groups of Passengers which book via our standard website route.

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