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And its large marina is well set-up for tourists who want to do more than laze on the beach, with boat trips, parasailing and snorkelling all on offer. You can also learn to scuba dive here, or if you’re more experienced get below the waves on a wreck dive. A favourite amongst Monastir’s attractions is the Ribat, a superb 8th century fortified Islamic monastery, with immense ramparts that offer wonderful views out to sea. The Ribat has proved a popular film location over the years – if you think it looks familiar you might be recognising it from 'The Life of Brian'. Another "must-see" is the beautiful mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba - Tunisia revered first president and Monastir’s most famous son. Out of town, it’s a short drive to Kairouan, with its labyrinthine medina and grand mosque, while longer day trips can be organised to some of the Star Wars film locations, such as the cave-houses of Matmata that stood in for Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine home. There’s also easy access to nearby Sousse, with its blend of ancient old city lanes and modern resort facilities – exactly the mix that makes the region such a tempting destination.


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