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Looking for cheap flights to Reykjavik? Book plane tickets direct with easyJet and you'll be exploring the land of fire and ice in no time - and with no stress. And while we can't guarantee you'll see the Northern Lights, we'll be crossing our fingers for you!

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With Reykjavik flights, discover the dramatic landscapes and laid-back culture of one of Europe’s coolest cities. The capital of Iceland is a city of art galleries and museums, a year-round destination with the special bonus of potentially catching the Northern Lights when you visit during the winter.

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Reykjavík's population soars between June and July as visitors fly in to take advantage of the milder conditions and explore in the perpetual light of the Midnight Sun. This is also when the island is at its driest, although rain is common throughout the year. It's the best time of year for hiking and there are some excellent festivals too, such as Secret Solstice and Midsummer Music.

Avoid the crowds

Brave the freezing temperatures and dark conditions to visit Reykjavík in November, December or January. With a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights dance in the dark sky, a cosy Scandinavian atmosphere in the city and cheaper prices on airfare and hotels, you'll be glad you did. Visit in November for the brilliant Airwaves music festival.

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