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Small yet perfectly formed, Slovenia is one of Europe’s stunners. A beauty that matches Switzerland, cities that rival Austria’s and prices that won’t break the bank. Perfect in every way!

These days you can’t talk about up and coming tourist destinations without Slovenia cropping up into the conversation somewhere. It might be tiny, but this feisty country located to the south of Austria is making waves with its abundant natural beauty, picturesque towns and wonderful, but inexpensive ski resorts. And with a small but beautifully formed Mediterranean coastline, lakeside resorts and locals who literally fall over themselves to welcome you to their beautiful country, you’ll soon see why Slovenia’s got everyone talking.

The third most forested country in Europe after Sweden and Finland, Slovenia is a super model when it comes to natural beauty. We’re talking mountain vistas that would make Switzerland blush, impossibly green river valleys, glacial lakes flanked by medieval castles and vine sprinkled hills. Oh, and let’s not forget that crystal clear coastline with all those lively Italian-style fishing villages and resorts like Piran and Portoroz. Going hand in hand with this outdoor beauty you’ll find more than enough activities to suit even the most hardened daredevils out there. Cycling, hiking, white water rafting or paragliding – you name it, it’s here. The difficulty is choosing which one to go for.

And the cities? Well, they’re not bad either; in fact they’re great. The capital Ljubljana is like Vienna in miniature. It’s a Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau mix of cultural treats and family-friendly activities in one of the most idyllic riverside settings you’re ever likely to see. Spend the morning wandering its picturesque streets, and follow up with an afternoon of waterpark fun. And when you’re not sitting back and relaxing in the capital’s riverside cafes you’ll be visiting the Venetian coastal city of Koper, admiring the architecture of the Germanic looking Maribor, Slovenia’s second city, or walking the medieval streets of Celje. Whatever holiday you decide to take in Slovenia, one thing’s for sure, you’ll be talking about it for years after.


Slovenia weather

Its European continental climate means that Slovenia has a typical Central European climate. That means it enjoys warm summers averaging around 25 degrees, which can climb into the 30s on extremely hot days. Winters are accompanied by low temperatures, sometimes below freezing, which bring with them snowfall across both lowland and highland regions. The best time to visit the country, if you’re not here for the snow, is spring or summer. Expect more rain in spring, but fewer crowds and cheaper hotel prices. 


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