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After years of oppression Poland is back, and back with a bang, proving to tourists that it has everything you require for a perfect holiday – pristine beaches, vibrant culture-packed cities and some pretty stunning countryside.

When you hear talk about Europe’s up and coming superstars, people are normally talking about countries like Poland. On the outskirts of the continent for years, today this big country is at its very heart wowing visitors with a new found vibrancy that you will not find in many other countries. To say Poland is on its way up is an understatement. And with castles in abundance, medieval cities and villages peppering the countryside, not to mention some of the best cuisine and beer this side of Europe, Poland provides the perfect holiday destination for every type of traveller.

Cities like Krakow and Warsaw are cultural jewels preserving the country’s heritage and offering visitors a trip back in time to a Poland of the past. Amble through Krakow’s beautifully preserved Old Town, experience the Gothic spectacle of Toruń, or learn more about the Second World War as you visit the museums of Warsaw.

On top of the artistic and cultural dimension Poland is very much a 21st century nation. Its beautiful cities boast energetic nightlife with buzzing clubs and bars that rival any in Europe. You’ll also find your fair share of theatre and opera performances if you’re looking for some calmer cultural pursuits. And when it comes to wiling away those summer days, café culture is the name of the game, along with a host of fantastic restaurants serving everything from Polish rustic specialities to swanky international favourites.

But forget the cities for a minute and let’s concentrate on the great outdoors. Meadows, forests, lakes and snow-capped mountains, they’re all here and more. Take your pick between snow sports in the Tatra Mountains during winter, or hiking through the Słowiński National Park in the summer. Of course you could always plump for the beach, and with some of the best in the Baltic close to the resorts of Sopot, Gdansk and Gdynia, you’d better get the sun cream and the towels ready. Whatever you’re after for your next holiday, countryside or city life, culture or nightlife, you’ll find it in Europe’s most up and coming country. And it’ll come with a good amount of Polish charm at heart-warming prices too. Now you can’t say better than that.


Poland weather

Poland’s large size means that its weather varies depending on where in the country you are. Northern regions by the Baltic Sea can expect milder conditions, while further inland you should be prepared for a more extreme climate. Summers in Poland are generally warm boasting average temperatures of anywhere from 22 to 27 degrees. Having said that, in the south it is not uncommon to see the mercury hit the 30 degree mark and beyond. Similarly winters vary between north and south, with the Baltic coast witnessing temperatures of around 3 degrees, while in the south this falls to minus 8. So if you do come to Poland for its great selection of winter sports, remember to wrap up warm. 


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