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easyJet Flight Club - Terms and conditions

How do I join?

  • easyJet Flight Club (“the Scheme”) is a loyalty programme for our most frequent flyers and its benefits are personal to its members and their immediate friends and family.
  • Membership is by invitation from easyJet. You will be given a unique membership number which you must use whenever you wish to take advantage of the benefits of the Scheme.
  • Memberships last for 1 year from when you join the Scheme. We will review how frequently you have flown just before the end of each year and let you know if your membership will end or be renewed for another year.
  • We may publish information about the types of customers that we may invite and how we decide whether memberships will be renewed from time to time in the FAQ section that supports these terms and conditions.

How do I get in touch to take advantage of the Scheme benefits?

  • Once you are a member you can make a booking as usual on  Just make sure that you log into your account before making any bookings so that we know it’s you.  
  • If you want to use the Scheme benefits you can call us on the dedicated number which you'll find here. The team is open 8am to 8pm 7 days a week; except for our Dutch and Portuguese lines, which are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Call charges apply. 

Who gets the benefits?

  • You will have access to these benefits on every flight on which you travel. If you made the booking yourself through your member account, the benefits will be extended to all Passengers travelling on the booking with you.  However, if another Passenger makes a change which means that they are no longer travelling with you, they will no longer receive the benefits.

What are the benefits?

The Price Guarantee: 
  • If you find an equivalent flight cheaper with another airline, then we’ll refund the difference between the flight price on and the other airline’s standard fare and give you an easyJet flight voucher worth 10% of that difference on top.
  • An equivalent flight means one that is:
    - publicly available on another airline’s own website either at the time that you wish to book with us or within 48 hours after booking with us. 
    - departs from and arrives into the same airport(s) as the easyJet flight. There must also be no more than 1 hour between the scheduled flight times (both arrival and departure) of the easyJet flight and the flight operated by the other airline. 
  • The prices to be compared are the lowest standard fares on the relevant flights on the airline’s own website, including mandatory fees, but excluding any optional baggage, seating or other charges.
  • To claim under this price guarantee you will need to keep a record of the flights and price offered by the other airline and call our Flight Club customer services team so that they can validate your claim. This may take up to 48 hours from the time that you make your request.
  • Price guarantee is not available if you have made any flight or name changes to your original booking. 
  • Price guarantee applies to easyJet flights only and does not include additional services such as car hire or hotels.
  • You must also travel on the flights booked in order to benefit from this price guarantee.
  • Please note this benefit does not apply to Flight Club for business partners.

The Price Promise: 
  • If after booking a flight on or the easyJet mobile app, you find the same flight on or the easyJet mobile app at a lower price, you will be refunded the difference as an easyJet credit voucher against future flights on easyJet. 
  • Please note that the price promise does not apply where the lower fare is part of a promotional ‘sale’ offer that is launched after you made your booking. 
  • To qualify for a refund, the lower fare must be for the same date, route and flight number as in your original booking. Extras such as bags/seats are not taken into account. The lower fare must still be available for sale at the time your claim is made. 
  • Claims can only be made by phone to our Customer Services Team (see our phone numbers and opening hours). Claims cannot be made online or by other contact methods.  
  • Price promise is not available if you have made any flight or name changes to your original booking. 
  • Price promise applies to easyJet flights only and does not include additional services such as car hire or hotels.
  • You must travel on the flights booked in order to benefit from this price promise.
  • Please note this benefit does not apply to Flight Club for business partners.
Name and Flight changes:
  • You can change the date and route of travel for any Booking (as long as it is not a Booking for a Flexi Fare) as many times as You like without paying our usual change fee. You will have to pay any difference between the original fare paid and the lowest fare available for the new flight at the time the change is made.
  • You can change the name of any Passenger on a Booking up to five (5) times a year. We will only count one change per passenger even if a Booking contains several individual flights. The name change must apply to all remaining flights on the Booking.
  • If you make a name change that removes you, the Scheme member, from the Booking, then it will not be possible to make any other name or date changes or use the other benefits under this Scheme after that point, unless you make a further name change so that you are once again included in the Booking. 


  • easyJet flight vouchers can only be used to pay (or part pay) for easyJet flights through the scheme customer services team and are valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Validity of flight vouchers cannot be extended.
  • We reserve the right to add to, revise or cease to offer any of the benefits or amend these terms at any time. The current terms will always be available on our website. 
  • You must always make fair and reasonable use of the Scheme. You agree to make bookings only for you and your immediate friends and family and not for any commercial purpose or financial gain, and that your membership number is personal to you and must not be sold or transferred to anyone else. You promise to comply with any reasonable request from us relating to your use and enjoyment of the Scheme.
  • If we consider that you have broken any of these terms or in any way abused the benefits offered by the Scheme, we will stop your membership of the Scheme. We may also cancel and/or recover from you the value of any flight vouchers received under the Scheme. We will let you know if this happens. 
  • These terms apply to you on top of the Terms and Conditions of flight Bookings (“the Terms and Conditions”) (see  All terms that start with capital letters here are defined in those Terms and Conditions.  If there is any clash between what these Flight Club terms say and those Terms and Conditions say, then those Terms and Conditions win. 

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