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Did you know, at easyJet we are committed to reducing our environmental impact?

This series takes a closer look at some of the many ways we are helping and investing to support this.

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Turning plastics into textiles


To make our uniforms more sustainable, we’re evolving them to be made from a new generation of fabric.
Producing this hi-tech tailoring fabric involves using a yarn that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
The new material is more abrasion resistant and provides even more stretch than the old uniforms. This means that the overall fit and freedom of movement has improved, making them more comfortable and durable for longer haul flights.



How is it sustainable?


As part of our promise to reduce waste, 45 bottles will go into each uniform – with a potential of half a million bottles to be used annually. When manufactured, the new uniforms create 75% fewer CO2 emissions compared to traditional polyester and will be made using renewable energy sources.
Look out for our new uniforms when you board your next flight.


Quick facts

Over the course of five years, our new uniforms will be responsible for potentially preventing 2.7 million plastic bottles from ending up in land fill or in our oceans.

We also offer a 50p discount on hot drinks for customers who bring their own reusable cup.

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