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Our Privacy Notice

Who is responsible for your personal data?

 For ease, when we talk about “we” or “us” or “our” or “easyJet” or “group companies”, we mean any or all of these companies:.

  • easyJet Airline Company Limited
  • easyJet UK Limited
  • easyJet Europe Airline GmbH
  • easyJet Holidays Limited
  • easyJet Switzerland S.A

easyJet Airline Company Limited and easyJet Holidays Limited are the Data Controllers of the Personal Data used to manage your flights and holidays and our relationship with you.

The Airline Operating Companies (easyJet UK Limited, easyJet Europe Airline GmbH and easyJet Switzerland S.A) are the Data Controllers for any Personal Data used to meet safety requirements as part of the flights they operate.

We share your Personal Data between companies in the group to manage our relationship with you and the flights and/or holiday you have purchased.

Where you choose to book your easyJet flight or holiday through another company, such as a travel agent/online travel company, they will be the Data Controller of your Personal Data in relation to setting up and managing your booking and their Privacy Notice will apply. easyJet will remain the Data Controller for the operation of your flight or holiday and will process your Personal Data under this Privacy Notice.

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