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easyJet Mobile Boarding Passes

Check in and download mobile boarding passes on our app for flights departing from most airports around our network

Mobile boarding passes make travel easier by allowing you to keep all your travel information in one place. It means you no longer need to print out your boarding passes on paper! Once you have the app, all you need to do is check in and download your boarding pass on your iPhone or Android mobile device. You can also add your downloaded boarding pass to Apple Wallet on iOS and Google Pay on Android, giving you the ultimate convenience. For Android, you just need to make sure that you have Google Pay installed on your mobile device. 

Your mobile boarding pass is saved onto your handset offline (so no need to worry about accessing Wi-Fi or roaming charges abroad). You're then ready for your pass to be scanned at the Bag Drop desks, Security checkpoints and gate. It really is that simple.

How do I get my mobile boarding pass?

Within the app, check-in and download mobile boarding passes for flights departing from most airports around our network.
See below for a list of airports currently not using mobile boarding passes.


Where can I use Mobile Boarding Passes?

Most airports accept mobile boarding passes, unfortunately some airports cannot accept
mobile boarding passes yet, these airports are listed below:


La Rochelle

Marsa Alam

If you’re flying from an airport that doesn't currently offer mobile boarding passes, please check in online and print out a paper boarding pass for your flight.

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