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Introducing Look&Book, our new app feature

We've launched an airline first

Ever had Instagram travel envy? Or seen a photo of your perfect holiday destination, but don’t know where it is?

We’re excited to be the first airline in the world that lets you search for a flight using just a photo!

Find Look&Book in the easyJet: Travel App (English, French, Italian and German only at the moment!). 


Why just look when you can book?

We’re now making it easier than ever to make your Instagram travel inspiration a reality.

Look&Book helps you find out where an Instagram photo was taken and which flights you need to book to get there.

Watch our video for some inspiration.

It's as simple as a tap

Simply take a screenshot of a European destination you like the look of and upload it to Look&Book in our app. We’ll then tell you where it is and which flights will get you there.

We recommend using Instagram screenshots for the best results.

Watch our ‘how to’ video.

Looking for more travel inspiration?

Not using the easyJet: Travel App? Try out our new Inspire Me tool and start planning your next trip.