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What is it?

With Worldwide by easyJet you can book flights to far away destinations like New York and Singapore directly with us!
From now on we can connect you around the world and across Europe in one handy place with a quick and easy transfer through London Gatwick airport.

Where is Worldwide by easyJet available?

You can fly from any point on our network flying into London Gatwick Airport and then connecting onto another easyJet flight, or you can connect onto one of our partner airlines’ destinations. 

How to book?

Worldwide by easyJet is available exclusively online, you cannot book this service at the airport, through a travel agent or a partner airline’s ticket office.  Go to www.easyjet.com/worldwide to start your booking.
When making a booking individual reservations will be generated for each flight and you will receive separate confirmation numbers for each sector.

Making changes to your booking?

Date, time or name changes can only be made via Gatwick Connects and you will need your Gatwick Connects reference number to hand. This can be found in your confirmation email from Gatwick Connects.
To make changes you can either email or call:
Email: customersupport@connectmail.gatwickairport.com
Tel: +44 (0)203 807 1991

Adding extras, such as extra baggage and seat selection?

You can add travel extras when you check in for your easyJet flights at www.easyjet.com/checkin.
If you are flying with a partner airline, please visit their Manage Booking page on their website and follow the instructions.

Is hold luggage included in the price?

For easyJet flights you must buy hold luggage for each flight if needed. Partner airline fare conditions vary. Please check the terms and conditions when booking.

Can I make group bookings through Worldwide by easyJet?

No, however, you can book up to 9 people on any flight.

What happens if my flight is delayed, cancelled or re-routed?

easyJet has partnered with Gatwick Airport to include the ‘GatwickConnects’ service in every booking made through Worldwide by easyJet.
GatwickConnects will protect your connection and re-book you onto the next available flight, should you miss any sector of your journey. For more information, please see GatwickConnects FAQs, or contact on:
Email: customersupport@connectmail.gatwickairport.com 
Tel: +44 (0)203 807 1991

Using the Service & Transferring at Gatwick

What happens when I land at Gatwick? How does ‘GatwickConnects’ work?

When you land at Gatwick, proceed to the baggage reclaim hall to collect your bags as normal from the carousel.
Then proceed to the GatwickConnects desk in the reclaim hall where their friendly team will take your bags and help you connect to your next flight.
You can then proceed directly through security.
The service is open from 0600 to 1800 every day. If your connection occurs outside of these hours, then don’t worry – you can proceed to ‘Your Service Centre’ – operated by Skybreak, located in the South Terminal Check-in area, Zone J, or on level 2 in the North Terminal – where they will assist you.

When should I check in and can I check in for all flights at once?

You must check in for each flight individually and within the time limit specified by each airline.
You can find out more about easyJet online check-in by visiting this dedicated Help page.

Is there a Minimum Connection Time (MCT) for Worldwide by easyJet? What happens if I have to transfer between terminals at Gatwick?

Worldwide by easyJet is subject to a 2 hour 30 minute ‘Minimum Connection Time’ (MCT), which will give you plenty of time to transfer between flights and/or terminals. Should your first flight be late in arriving and cause your transfer time to fall below this limit please go to the Gatwick Connects desk in the baggage hall.
Please see GatwickConnects FAQs, or contact on:
Email: customersupport@connectmail.gatwickairport.com 
Tel: +44 (0)203 807 1991

What happens if my bag gets separated from me or if I forget to collect my bag after my first flight?

Please see GatwickConnects FAQs, or contact on:
Email: customersupport@connectmail.gatwickairport.com 
Tel: +44 (0)203 807 1991

I have limited mobility and require either a wheelchair, or assistance in transferring to my next flight

Once you have made your booking, please visit our Special Assistance page to let us know your requirements. If you are continuing your journey with a partner airline, please contact them directly.

Can I pre-clear United States Customs & Immigrations if this is available at my originating airport?

As Worldwide by easyJet requires you to pass through security and immigrations in the United Kingdom before transferring to your next flight, you cannot pre-clear these for the United States in advance.

Do I need a visa to self-connect at Gatwick Airport?

To self-connect at Gatwick, you must enter the United Kingdom. Dependent on your nationality, you may be required to obtain a visa to enter the United Kingdom to self-connect. Please check the foreign travel guidelines for the United Kingdom in your country of nationality.

Can I include a stopover overnight in London?

Worldwide by easyJet does not allow for overnight stays.

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