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Worldwide by easyJet lets you book connections to give you more choice to travel further afield. Whether you want to travel across Europe, or to far away destinations, you’ll be able to do so with easyJet or one of our carefully selected partners. These include numerous global airlines and Deutsche Bahn rail, helping you to create self-connected journeys to the destinations of your choice.

If you’re travelling with hold luggage, you’ll need to collect your bags as normal after your first flight and then check them in again for any connecting flights. Bags won’t automatically be checked through to your final destination as you have created your unique journey yourself.

Your self-connected journeys give you the option to choose how to travel in a way that best suits you, with options from:

  • easyJet to easyJet flights
  • easyJet to partner airline flights
  • easyJet to Duetsche Bahn railway services

Our connection times are designed to ensure that you will always have plenty of time to collect your luggage ready for your next flight or train – whether that be on an easyJet connecting flight or with one of our partners.

Your peace of mind is important to us, which is why your connection from Worldwide at easyJet will be covered by our connection protection service, which is included in the total price of your booking.

In the unlikely event that you should encounter any disruption causing you to miss your connection, our service provider, Dohop, will be ready to help you with a dedicated, multilingual team available via phone, email, and chat.

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You can now also book Deutsche Bahn trains directly with us and seamlessly connect to and from a wide range of German destinations via Berlin Brandenburg airport by combining flight and train tickets in one booking process. For more information see below or our FAQs.


Can I book any train I want?

Can I also book this on easyJet.com or bahn.de?

Is it cheaper to book it together?

What’s the difference between a “Sparticket” and a “Flexticket”? What is the advantage of booking a Flexticket?

Does my ticket include a seat reservation?

Do I need to book a ticket/a seat on the train for children?

Will I receive my tickets in my easyJet App?

Will I receive my tickets in my Deutsche Bahn App?

What are minimum connection times between flights and trains?

My flight or train is delayed. What do I need to do?

What happens if I miss the train because my baggage did not arrive in time?

What happens if I miss my flight because my train is late?

What happens if I want to change my flight or train?

What happens if my flights have been changed by easyJet?

I need to inform Dohop that my train is delayed. Do they speak German on the phone?

My train is delayed. There’s a train on a different platform with the same destination. Can I change trains?

My journey includes a connection between 2 trains. The first train is delayed, so I will miss the second. The conductor suggests an alternative route. Am I able to do that?

I had booked a train ticket showing ‘ICE’ or ‘’EC ‘ product class. The train is delayed and Dohop transfers me to n ICE train. Do I have to pay the fare difference since ICE is more expensive? 

I’m travelling with easyJet and Deutsche Bahn. Who are Dohop, and what do they do?

Where can I see the full terms and conditions?

Who do I get in contact with if I have any other queries?

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