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How secure is my booking?

Every so often, we may need to contact you over the phone and carry out some security checks to verify the cardholder. Don’t worry though all calls will be recorded for your safety.

The most secure way for you to book a flight is through our website at easyJet.com. You also have the choice to book through other websites and providers. But you should consider a few things to make sure you don’t become a fraud victim:

  • Make sure they have an IATA logo which indicates their company is legitimate
  • Avoid buying flights from classified websites like eBay or Gumtree
  • Always read the terms and conditions
  • Never buy a pass from someone on the street or in the local pub
  • Always check what others have said on review sites, like TripAdvisor.

If you do book with easyJet directly, you will only be asked to enter your account information once on the payment section, and easyJet will never ask you to post or enter your bank or card details over email or through an emailed link.

Suspect you've been a fraud victim?

If you've been charged by easyJet and you (or someone you've allowed to use your card) haven’t made a booking with us, then you may be a fraud victim. If you think this you should:

  • Contact your bank. Let them know all the details, and make sure they cancel your card
  • Check your account for other strange purchases
  • Inform the police
  • Contact the easyJet Customer Service Team. Let us know about the activity and give them the booking reference (as it appears on the statement) and the cost. We will investigate the booking and give you as much information as we can, and whether we can refund or cancel the flight.

If we haven’t, or can’t, refund the costs straight to your account, you can start a “Chargeback” claim. For details about this, please contact your bank.

If you need any further advice, information or help reporting please see visit actionfraud.police.uk/

Does easyJet have an ATOL/ABTA number?

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