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Looking for cheap flights to Malmö Sweden? Book plane tickets with easyJet via Copenhagen to explore the winding canals of this stylish Swedish spot. And with Malmö' hosting this year's Eurovision Song Contest in May, there's no better time to consider a trip! easyJet are the official airline partner of Eurovision for the next three years, so you've come to the right place. 

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Why fly to Malmö?

Flying to Malmö Sweden lands you in a small but vibrant metropolis, full of charming architecture, fascinating museums, and delicious food. This southern port city is a great place to experience Swedish hospitality, and has its own interesting culture and history.

Weather in Malmö


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What is the weather like in Malmö in May?

In May, Malmö typically experiences highs of 16 degrees, with temperatures often dropping as low as 7 degrees at night. You can expect moderate rainfall, which happens seven days this month on average.

Is Malmö warmer than Stockholm?

Malmo’s position in the south of Sweden makes it one of the warmer cities in the country, although its temperate climate means it doesn’t typically get quite as hot as Stockholm during the summers.

Your Malmö Questions Answered

From Copenhagen Airport, a quick direct train can get you to Malmö central station within 30 minutes. If you're looking to save some money, the bus will take slightly longer but is still an easy option. And for flexibility, consider hiring a car - the drive between the two is only about 30 minutes.  
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