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Whether you are after a weekend full of partying, a cycling trip with friends or a beachside getaway with the family, you’ll find all this and more with a holiday to the Netherlands.

The Netherlands – that liberal country full of windmills, cheese and coffee shops, right? Well, yes there are plenty of windmills, the cheese is very good and you’ll find the odd, ahem, coffee shop in Amsterdam. But what about the tulip covered countryside – a cliché, but it’s true – those beaches, which are some of the best you’ll find on the North Sea, and a whole clutch of cities that are literally bursting with equal amounts of excitement and culture? Hop on a bike and explore this flat country to your heart’s content and discover that there’s a lot more to this small nation than just its capital Amsterdam.

Of course this is the reason that many people come to the Netherlands. And why not? You’ll be hard pushed to find another city with the beauty of Amsterdam, with its canals, bridges and gabled houses galore. Or one with as many museums, bars, cafes and clubs. But away from this hedonist’s paradise you’ll find equally enticing cities like modern Rotterdam with its art scene, the beautifully historic Delft or medieval Maastricht with its impressive fortifications.

Another great thing about this country is that it’s flat – as flat as a board, with much of it actually below sea level. What’s good about this? Well, it makes for excellent cycling country, and trust us the Dutch like to cycle, so you’ll be in excellent company and there really is no better way to see this beautiful country. Follow the country’s canals past farmland, rural villages and nature reserves like the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Then head to the coast to beach resorts like Noordwijk aan Zee. Or stay in the cities and enjoy the Netherland’s many festivals. From the massive national celebration of Queen’s Day to dance festivals and annual carnivals, the Dutch certainly know how to throw a party. So why not join in? And the best thing about this country? The people of course – tolerant, laid-back and welcoming of visitors, you’ll be hard pushed to find a nicer bunch of people!


Netherlands weather

You’ll find the weather in the Netherlands is fairy typical of a maritime climate. It can be quite unpredictable and damp at times, so bring a brolly. Having said that, summers here are mild and last from June until mid September, with temperatures averaging highs of around 22 degrees. Spring and autumn are similarly pleasant times to visit, although you won’t see the mercury hitting above 16 degrees during these times. If you want to avoid the crowds then winter is a good time to come. It might not be the warmest place in Europe during this time, but it certainly isn’t the coldest, and with so much to see and do the weather will be the last thing on your mind. 


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