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Boasting year round warm weather, never-ending sunshine and some of the most perfectly clear waters in the Mediterranean, it’s no wonder the Maltese Islands are one of Europe’s most popular summer and winter holiday destinations.

Located just south of Sicily, Malta and its accompanying islands of Gozo and Comino offer up an unlimited number of cultural and natural treats. How about 7,000 years of history, including three World Heritage Sites, temples that outdate both the Pyramids and Stonehenge and magnificent medieval walled towns complete with Baroque cathedrals, winding back streets and enough nooks and crannies to keep you entertained for weeks? When people say these islands are an open-air museum they aren’t lying. And then of course there is that famous coastline, which boasts some of the best diving sites in not only the Mediterranean but also the whole world. Think Caribbean style waters, lagoons and beachside caves just waiting to be explored. Check out the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino to see what we mean – waters don’t get much clearer than this.

Put all that tropical island stuff to one side and you still have plenty of activities to suit the land lovers out there. Tennis, golf, horse riding and even skydiving are just some of the activities on offer throughout the islands’ sophisticated holiday resorts. When it comes to choosing where to stay, you’ll find everything from five-star deluxe in Malta to self catered farmhouse chic on Gozo. And the nightlife? Pumping to say the very least. Malta’s premier party spot isn’t called Paceville for nothing.

But the best thing about the Maltese Islands is their vibe. You won’t find anywhere quite so eclectic when it comes to styles and cultures. It’s Italian mixed with a bit of Arabic, and Spanish combined with a touch of British, but overall it’s simply Maltese. What’s more, you’ll find the people to be some of the friendliest in Europe and only too happy to welcome you to their beautiful islands. Whether you’re enjoying a coffee in the cafes of Valletta, Malta’s Baroque capital, wandering the ancient citadel of Victoria on Gozo, exploring the medieval delights of Malta’s former capital Mdina, or simply sitting back on a deserted Comino beach soaking up the sun, one thing’s for sure, you’ll be glad you chose the Maltese Islands as your holiday destination.

Maltese Islands 

Maltese Islands weather

Given that the Maltese Islands’ weather is great all year round, there is no best time to visit the islands. Summers are long and hot, boasting temperatures well into the 30s coupled with almost no rain. Don’t worry though if heat isn’t your thing as regular sea breezes keep things from getting too uncomfortable. If you want temperatures a little lower, but just as much sunshine, then autumn and spring are also good times to visit. And winter? Well, with average highs of around 19 degrees and six hours of sunshine a day, Malta is the perfect choice for those looking to escape the northern European winter blues.


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