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This new kid on the block is proving that it is more than just headline news these days. Holidays to Kosovo offer up a mix of culture, history and stunning landscapes.

You might not think of Kosovo as your traditional holiday destination, but don’t be fooled, this newcomer to the world stage is a rich and exciting destination for travellers. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a country with a long and fascinating history packed with cultural gems like the breathtaking Sinan Pasha Mosque or the Deçan Monastery by Peja. Trust us when we say you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a holiday to Kosovo.

If it’s culture you’re after, then look no further than the historic city of Prizren, which wows travellers with its beautiful Ottoman and Orthodox Christian architecture, charming medieval lanes and alleyways and an abundance of historical goodies. Well, this was the capital of Old Serbia after all. You can stop off at the original Turkish baths for some sightseeing or meet friends at one of the outdoor cafes in the busy Shadrvan Plaza. If you’re after something livelier, then Kosovo’s vibrant capital Pristina is well worth a look. A hotbed of café and club culture, this city is full to the brim with busy bars and a larger than life student population.

But don’t forget Kosovo’s natural charm either. Wide open plains and hills make up much of the stunning landscape here, while the nation’s south-western region is home to spectacular mountain ranges. Head south to Brezovica for some great ski slopes, at even greater prices. While north of Peja, you’ll find the Mirusha Falls, which draws visitors, and swimmers during Kosovo’s long hot summers. And if that’s not enough you’ll find Kosovo’s countryside peppered with all sorts of small towns and villages, which have literally stood still in time. Don’t miss the village of Brod in the far south of Kosovo, situated 1,200 feet up in a mountain ravine, and built almost entirely out of mountain rock – simply stunning!

Whatever your preferences, you’ll find Kosovo has a lot to offer. With a cultural and historical offering stretching back hundreds of years sat side-by-side great nightlife and exquisite scenes of natural and rustic beauty, you’re bound to find exploring it a real treat. But don’t just take our word for it – go out and see for yourself.


Kosovo weather

With its mainly continental climate Kosovo experiences extremes of temperature in both summer and winter. The best time to come is generally during the summer months when temperatures can peak in the 30s. Of course, higher up in the mountainous regions you can expect temperatures to be a few degrees lower. Snow falls in Kosovo from between November to March and temperatures can drop below zero. So if you do choose to come to the country during this time wrap up warm, or hit the slopes. 


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