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With its unrivalled historic treasures and unforgettable natural wonders it’s not surprising Jordan is establishing itself firmly on the tourist map.

Small but packed with character, history and charm, friendly Jordan is constantly surprising first time visitors with just how much it has to offer. This is the land of the Bible, brilliantly preserved Roman cities, Crusader settlements and ancient Byzantine churches after all. A place where you’ll come across hidden cities carved out of the country’s desert rock, canyons that would look at home in Arizona and a sea so full of salt you can float on it unaided. Tempted yet? Well you should be. And to top it all not only are the locals renowned for their warm hospitality, but the summers here are long and dry too. Now if that doesn’t sell it to you, nothing will.

Jordan’s capital Amman is the modern face of the Middle East with its bustling café culture, new high-rise developments and a vibe that is both young and full of energy. It’s a city where traditional Arabic coffee houses sit side-by-side luxury five-star hotels and where authentic souks compete with spanking new shopping centres. Venture outside and you’re bombarded with history at every turn, from the man-made spectacle that is the rock city of Petra to the Roman town of Jerash and its theatres, temples and bathhouses. You history buffs out there will have a field day.

This is also a country where spectacular scenery comes as standard. Head down to Wadi Rum and enjoy some stunning desert rock formations or head further north and enjoy the mineral rich Dead Sea located at the lowest point on the earth’s surface. Or you could always opt for the Red Sea with its flourishing coral reefs and the busy beach resort of Aqaba where you’ll find everything you need for a perfect sunny getaway – minus the Mediterranean crowds of course! City break sights, culture and adventure, and beaches to die for – they’re all here and more.


Jordan weather

Jordan’s weather is hot and dry and typical of a desert climate. This means that summers are long and hot, while winters tend to be short and cool. August is the hottest month and regularly sees temperatures peak in the mid-30s, although they can go higher on particularly hot days. The best time to come is during spring when the heat isn’t so fierce and the country has benefitted from the winter rains. Highs during the winter months can reach 15 degrees, meaning it’s also a good time to visit if you want to visit the country’s many sights. 


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