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Israel may be a small country, but when it comes to offering holidays with activities for all, this place knows how to do it in style.

Whether you’re coming to Israel on a spiritual mission, as part of a tour to explore its historical and cultural wealth, or simply to bake on its many beaches, you won’t leave disappointed. Diversity is the name of the game when it comes to this little Middle Eastern country located at the very heart of the Holy Land.

As a sacred place for Christians, Jews and Muslims, Israel’s long and often turbulent history has been played out on the world stage for all to see. Today, however, it is drawing in the crowds with its tempting mix of tourist treats that appeal to all kinds of holidaymakers. Sunny resorts such as Eilat on the Red Sea coast and the busy beach city of Tel Aviv serve up a happy helping of sun, sea and sand, with the latter attracting a young crowd in search of some sophisticated nightlife. Eilat, on the other hand, with its pristine beaches, coral reefs and underwater observatory is fast becoming an alternative to typical Mediterranean resorts. And with year round great weather it’s not difficult to see why.

When it comes to impressing the culture vultures, Israel has more than a few tricks up its sleeve too. Well, this is Bible country after all, and you won’t find anywhere else with a wider array of places associated with the world’s three major religions. From some of the world’s oldest churches and mosques to Roman temples and ruined cities, Israel has the culture side of things wrapped up. Its capital Jerusalem is a real treasure trove of antiquity and old world charm, rivalling Rome and Athens for its array of historical goodies.

And for those of you who like a few natural treats thrown into the mix, you won’t go home disappointed. For its size, Israel’s geography is surprisingly varied with deserts and barren mountains sitting side by side fertile valleys, flowing rivers and even geological wonders like the Dead Sea. Check out this mass of salty water where you can float effortlessly and enjoy the therapeutic nature of its water. So if you’re tired of the same old European resorts and are searching for something out of the ordinary then Israel should be at the very top of your list – a small country with a lot to offer.


Israel weather

For such a small country the weather in Israel is somewhat varied. The southern regions of the country are made up of desert, which can get extremely hot, while the more touristy areas around the coast, such as Tel Aviv have a more Mediterranean climate of hot summers and mild winters. You can expect average summer temperatures here to peak in the mid-30s, while winters stay around the 15-degree mark. Further inland in Jerusalem you should be prepared for cooler temperatures. But with over 300 days of sunshine a year, Israel is definitely a year-round holiday destination.


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