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This section provides more information on the Cookies used on easyJet.com websites and provides further information on Targeting/Advertising Cookies, together with information about how to opt out from the third party advertising cookies that we use. Additionally there is information regarding our Partner sites

The Cookies used on easyJet.com have been categorised based on the categories found in the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) UK Cookie guide published in April 2012.

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies
  • Performance Cookies
  • Functionality Cookies
  • Targeting/Advertising Cookies

Category 1: Strictly necessary Cookies

These Cookies enable services you have specifically asked for.

These Cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around easyJet.com and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, services you have asked for, such as shopping baskets or e-billing, may not be provided. easyJet use this type of cookie for the following purposes:

 1. Allowing our web servers to respond to your actions on the website such as "Add to basket" or browsing the website. The website wouldn't work for you without it

2. Ensuring a consistent user experience during the user’s journey on the easyJet site and ensures you receive up to date and consistent information

3. Enabling load balancing on easyJet.com to provide optimum speed and performance as you navigate through easyJet.com

4. Ensuring you receive a consistent experience when we transition to new versions of the site 5. Maintaining a seamless journey across of secure areas of easyJet.com and across our web servers

Category 2: Performance Cookies

These Cookies collect anonymous information on the pages visited

These Cookies collect information about how visitors use a website, for instance which pages visitors go to most often, and if they get error messages from web pages. These Cookies don’t collect information that identifies a visitor. All information these Cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous. The information is only used to improve how a website works.

easyJet use this type of Cookie for the following purposes:

1. Analytics: We use Google Analytics to better understand how customers are using easyJet.com to assist in managing the performance and design of easyJet.com. Google will store this information. Google’s Privacy policy is available at google.com/privacypolicy.

2. Testing variations of design in order to improve customer experience and site performance

3. To analyse the use of our website and provide learning’s to improve the usability of the website and improve the customer experience

4. To analyse the effectiveness of our home page banners

Category 3: Functionality Cookies

These Cookies remember choices you make to improve your experience.

These Cookies allow the website to remember choices you make (such as your user name, language, or travel preferences) and provide enhanced, more personal features. For instance, providing you with local airport pricing or reminding you to check in online. These Cookies can also be used to remember changes you have made to text size, fonts and other parts of web pages that you can customise.

easyJet use this type of Cookie for the following purposes:

1. Remembering site settings such as your Language preference

2. Remembering previous choices so that you are not required to fill in the same data again

3. Detecting if a product or service has already been offered/selected (e.g. Travel Insurance)

4. Fulfilling a request by you such as submitting a comment

 5. To personalise easyJet.com and provide relevant offerings that may be of more interest to you based on your previous searches and bookings 6. Remembering your settings so that the my easyJet change process can operate seamlessly

Category 4: Targeting/Advertising Cookies

These Cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order to make advertising relevant to you and your interests.

These Cookies are placed by third party advertising networks on our behalf and with easyJet’s permission. They remember that you have visited easyJet.com and this is shared with other organisations such as media owners.

easyJet use this type of Cookie for the following purposes:

1. Deliver adverts more relevant to you and your travel needs

2. Limit the number of times you see an advertisement and measure the effectiveness of our digital advertising campaigns

Below is a list of the main 3rd party media and advertising partners that may place Cookies on your machine when visiting easyJet.com together with information on opt out.

TagMan is a container tag management system. It addresses the problems associated with site tagging and tracking of online marketing campaigns by providing universal, or server side, tag solutions.
Sometimes we'll advertise on 3rd party websites. TagMan Cookies are used to help us and our advertisers see which advertisements you click on and interact with. Each individual advertiser uses its own tracking cookies and the data taken is not confidential or interchangeable.
Examples of these advertisers include Google (including Google-owned DoubleClick for paid advertising on Google.com),
TagMan provide more information and a global Opt-Out function, whereby a user can go to their website and switch off TagMan tracking:
Privacy Policy: eu.tagman.com/index.php/consumerprivacy

Doubleclick is used to report on response rates and effectiveness of our banner advertising campaigns. Any data passed to Doubleclick is anonymised statistical data.
For more information about Doubleclick you can go to:
Privacy Policy: google.com/policies/privacy/ads

Improve Digital >Ad 360 Yield
Improve Digital provides real time advertising technology to owners of premium digital media enabling management and control of campaign

OpenX is one of the world's leading providers of digital advertising technology, enabling businesses to manage and maximize their ad revenue.
Privacy Policy: openx.com/about/privacy-policy

Adconian Media Group > Amgdgt.com
Adconion Media Group is an online advertising network that partners with data aggregators such as BlueKai and comScore to help integrate third party data into audience segments. Data from advertisers and third parties is optimized and used to create behavioural, demographic and psychographic audience profiles for targeted ad delivery
Privacy Policy: amobee.com/privacy

Collective Media > AMP Platform
Collective Media provides audience targeting and optimization solutions for advertisers and publishers.
Privacy Policy: collective.com/privacypolicy

Invite Media > Bid Manager
Invite Media operates Bid Manager, a universal buying platform where clients can buy and manage digital display advertising. The platform provides agencies, ad networks and media buyers a single interface to trade and manage online media across multiple ad exchanges in real-time. Bid Manager also acts as an ad delivery technology.
Privacy Policy: invitemedia.com/privacy_policy

Microsoft Atlas
Microsoft adCenter is the division of the Microsoft Network (MSN) responsible for MSN's advertising services. The network provides pay per click advertisements and allows advertisers to target their ads by restricting them to a given set of demographics. They also provide customer analytics
Privacy Policy: atlassolutions.com/privacy-policy

Right Media
Right Media operates an online advertising exchange, a marketplace that enables advertisers, publishers and ad networks to buy and sell digital media. Their core services provide integrated ad serving, optimization and business development.
Privacy Policy: info.yahoo.com/privacy/us/biz/rightmedia/detail

Specific Media / Specific Click / Adviva
Specific Media is a data focused media platform. It offers advertisers a variety of targeting technologies, premium network of publishers and audience insight to increase consumer engagement and drive campaign performance.
Privacy Policy and Opt out: specificmedia.co.uk/privacy

Tribal Fusion
Exponential Interactive delivers products and services to online and digital advertisers. It offers site-specific, channel-wide, and run-of-network placements to CPM advertisers.
Privacy Policy: exponential.com/privacy

App Nexus
AppNexus operates an online advertising exchange. Their core technology platform enables ad networks and agencies real-time media buying capabilities and a gateway to multiple inventory aggregators.
Privacy Policy: appnexus.com/platform-policy

Eulerian Analytics, is a tool for their clients online advertisers and publishers to collect, analyze and present data derived from user navigation and interaction with their Internet marketing channels.
Privacy Policy: eulerian.com/en/privacy

PubMatic gives premium publishers a real-time media selling platform for managing revenue and brand strategy. PubMatic’s platform combines real-time bidding (RTB), the most comprehensive brand protection tools, unified optimization and audience insights as well as hands-on support to serve the world’s leading publishers. PubMatic is privately held, backed by funding from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Nexus Venture Partners, and Helion Ventures, and has seven offices around the world in the U.S., Europe and Asia.
Privacy Policy: http://www.pubmatic.com/privacy-policy

Rubicon Project.com
The Rubicon Project is an online advertising technology company that help publishers maximize their ad revenue through real time trading technology.
Privacy Policy: rubiconproject.com/privacy

Spot Exchange.com
SpotXchange connects premium publishers with hundreds of advertisers, agencies, trading desks and ad networks running top brand campaigns through its IAB-certified, brand-safe marketplace.
Privacy Policy: spotxchange.com/spx_privacypolicy

Struq is a technology company that partners with retailers and online businesses to make relevant advertising that reflects your interests. The aim is to improve the advertising experience online by displaying relevant products and offers that you may have already looked at or that we think you may like based on analysis of anonymous data collected on the easyJet website.
Privacy Policy: struq.com/cookie-and-privacy-policy

Now part of Google, Admeld's mission is to keep premium publishers on the cutting edge of advertising technology, enabling them to maximize their revenue and sell their inventory smarter and safer. Our high-tech, high-touch approach generates the maximum yield for every ad impression by giving publishers access to demand from hundreds of sources (ad networks, DSPs, etc.) on their own terms.
Privacy Policy: admeld.com/privacy

The Unanimis Group operates as an Internet advertising agency in the United Kingdom that provide advertisers with audiences and publishers with revenue for advertising space.
Privacy Policy: unanimis.co.uk/privacy

You are able to check and manage advertising cookies by visiting the following:



easyJet Partners

You may also receive Cookies when you visit any of our Partner sites, namely holidays.easyJet.com, cars.easyJet.com, parking.easyJet.com. hotels.easyJet.com and insurance.easyJet.com.

These sites are not run by easyJet, but the Cookies may be labelled ‘easyJet’.

The relevant Cookie policies of those partner sites and information about those Cookies can be found using the below links:

View the Cookie/Privacy policy for cars.easyJet.com

View the Cookie/Privacy policy for holidays.easyJet.com

View the Cookie/Privacy policy for hotels.easyJet.com

View the Cookie/Privacy policy for insurance.easyJet.com



DoubleClick (Google Marketing Platform)

gads, dsid, ide, test_cookie, aid

DoubleClick se používá ke sledování počtu reakcí a efektivity našich bannerových kampaní. Veškeré informace předávané pomocí DoubleClick jsou anonymizovaná statistická data. Google DoubleClick Bid Manager se používá k nákupům easyJet přes digitální média. Předávaná data jsou anonymizovaná podle plnění GDPR ze strany společnosti Google.

Další informace o cookie DoubleClick (Google Marketing Platform) naleznete na stránkách Google Marketing Platform.
Zásady ochrany osobních údajů: /policies.google.com/technologies/ads

Až 2 roky


Ensighten je správní systém kontejnerových tagů. Nabízí univerzální (serverové) tagy a je určen k řešení souvisejících problémů a sledování marketingových kampaní online.
Někdy máme reklamu i na stránkách třetích stran. Cookies Ensighten nám a našim inzerentům pomáhají zjistit, na jaké reklamy klikáte a jak na ně reagujete. Každý jednotlivý inzerent používá vlastní cookies a předávaná data nejsou důvěrná nebo zaměnitelná.
Mezi takové inzerenty patří i Google (včetně DoubleClick, který Google vlastní, pro placené reklamy na Google.com).
Ensighten nabízí více informací a globální možnost odmítnout účast, kdy uživatel na jejich stránkách může sledování Ensighten vypnout.

Zásady ochrany osobních údajů: ensighten.com/privacy-policy/


uetsid, muid, muidb

Bing se používá ke sledování konverzí v placených vyhledávacích kampaních a získávání znalostí o širokých agregovaných kategoriích publika a cílových skupin.

Zásady ochrany osobních údajů: https://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-gb/resources/policies/microsoft-bing-ads-privacy-policy

Až 10 dní


act, c_user, datr, dpr, fr, presence, sb, spin, wd, xs

Inzertní cookie Facebooku se používají ke sledování sociálních kampaní, řešení potíží s nastavením kampaní a budování agregovaných cílových skupin podle trendů v chování na stránkách easyJet a mimo ně.

Zásady ochrany osobních údajů: facebook.com/policies

Až 1 rok



Annalect Custom Audiences (Semasio) se používá k vytvoření cílových skupin podle trendů chování na celém internetu a stránkách easyJet. Jde o agregovaná a anonymní data.

Zásady ochrany osobních údajů: semasio.com/privacy-policy/

6 měsíců


mmapi.store.p.0, mmapi.store.s.0, mmapi.tst

Cookies Maxymiser nám umožňují nabízet a testovat různé verze stránek různým uživatelům a sledovat výsledky takového testování. Pomocí těchto testů zjišťujeme, jak stránky zlepšovat, co je naším nejoblíbenějším obsahem a jaké je třeba odstranit potíže.

Zásady ochrany osobních údajů: https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCGB/cd-api/cookies/

Až 1 rok


Apnid, dc-adv, gid, tapid, cid, dc-part

Cookie Sojern se používá k identifikaci souhlasících uživatelů a pro synchronizaci s platformou AppNexus pro reklamní činnost v budoucnu. Dynamické cookie inzerenta se používají v rámci podpory dynamické kreativity pro kampaně inzerenta. Identifikace souhlasícího uživatele a synchronizace s platformou Google DoubleClick Manager za budoucími reklamními účely. Cookie synchronizace Tapad pro činnost na různých zařízeních.

Zásady ochrany osobních údajů: sojern.com/privacy/product-privacy-policy/

Až 2 roky


Tapad_did, tapad_sync, tapad_ts, tapad_ttc_sync

Cookies Tapad se používají v rámci propojování různých zařízení.

Zásady ochrany osobních údajů: tapad.com/privacy-policy/

Až 3 měsíce

Kontrolovat a spravovat reklamní soubory cookie je možné po navštívení následujících stránek:


Partneři easyJet

Soubory cookie můžete také přijmout při návštěvě kterýchkoli našich partnerských stránek, konkrétně: holidays.easyjet.com, cars.easyjet.com, parking.easyjet.com. hotels.easyjet.com, insurance.easyjet.com.

Tyto stránky nejsou spravované společností easyJet, ale jejich cookies mohou být jako ‘„easyJet"’ označeny.

Příslušné zásady ochrany osobních údajů těchto partnerských stránek a informace o těchto cookies naleznete na následujících odkazech:

Zobrazit zásady pro soubory cookie / ochrany soukromí pro cars.easyJet.com

Zobrazit zásady pro soubory cookie / ochrany soukromí pro holidays.easyJet.com

Zobrazit zásady pro soubory cookies / ochrany soukromí pro hotels.easyJet.com

Zobrazit zásady pro soubory cookies / ochrany soukromí pro insurance.easyJet.com

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