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Our Change for Good partnership with UNICEF

Together, we have raised over £8 million for children

Thanks to the incredible support of our customers and employees, the easyJet and UNICEF Change for Good partnership has already raised over £8 million, helping to protect millions of children around the world from disease and keep them safe during emergencies.

This winter we are collecting funds on board to support UNICEF’s vital work to help keep children safe from polio and to help eradicate this devastating disease once and for all. Look out for collections on-board when you fly with easyJet starting from Thursday 1st December- Tuesday 31st January and donate to help build a safer world for every child.

Keeping children safe from polio

Millions of children around the world are in danger of contracting polio –it’s highly contagious and can lead to life-long paralysis. There is no cure, yet there is a safe and effective vaccine.

In 1988, polio was circulating in 125 countries. Today, thanks to successful vaccination programmes like those funded by easyJet and UNICEF’s Change for Good partnership, there are only three countries remaining where polio has never been stopped: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

The world has never had a better opportunity to eradicate polio, but while the disease continues to exist anywhere, children everywhere remain at risk.

By donating to UNICEF, you can help keep more children safe from polio.

Changing the world for good for children

Thanks to the support of easyJet customers and employees, the Change for Good partnership has already made an extraordinary impact. Your donations have helped UNICEF achieve the following key outcomes for children:
  • Vaccinate more than 13 million children against polio
  • Vaccinate 5.3 million mothers and babies against deadly diseases
  • Protect 4.8 million children from blindness through vitamin A supplements
  • Keep children safe in emergencies such as the Nepal earthquake, the Ebola crisis, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the crisis in Syria and the surrounding region

Thank you for your support.