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Pacchetti vacanze in Sassari

Informazioni di viaggio

Lingua: Italian

Valuta: Euros

Ora locale: GMT/BST+1

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Culture vultures take note: if you’re considering where to stay on your holiday to Sardinia, then Sassari should be at the top of the list. Sassari is one of the oldest cities on the island and its cultural scene is well-established. There’s art, theatre and tons of history in Sassari to be take a look at while you explore this pretty city. Sassari’s history spans thousands of years too. One of Sassari’s main attractions is on the outskirts of the city; the prehistoric monument of Monte D’Accoddi. This ancient pyramid is thought to have been an altar. You can see some of Sassari’s more recent past in its beautiful buildings and piazzas, particularly the pretty churches and cathedral. If you want to sit back and take it all in, order an espresso at one of the cafes along Corsa Vittorio Emanuele - the main street in Sassari’s old town area.

Holidaymakers can enjoy both theatre and opera in Sassari by heading to the Teatro Verdi or Teatro Civico. It’s well worth the experience before sampling some local grub with a late dinner at one of Sassari’s restaurants. If you just want to relax after all this culture then hire a car and head to the countryside and coastline surrounding Sassari. There are brilliant beaches to be found around the nearby resorts of Alghero and Isola Rossa. Active holidaymakers can also pick one of the hiking or cycling trails in the Asinara National Park.

Top Sassari resorts


The port town of Alghero is within easy reach of Sassari and it’s brilliant for a day at the beach, particularly if you’re a keen diver. The clear blue waters here make ideal conditions for snorkeling and scuba. More experienced divers can even explore one of the Mediterranean’s most famous caves - the Nereo Cave. It’s a fascinating maze of nooks and crannies. You can also catch the boat from Alghero to the stalactite and stalagmite caves of Neptune’s Grotto.


The pretty village of Fertilia is only a couple of minutes’ drive from Alghero. It’s another top destination for exploring life under the waves, with a diving school close to the beautiful beach. But Fertilia is a great spot for a casual stroll. You can take a tour of Fertilia’s large pond and watch the fishing boats bringing in the day’s catch at the marina.

Isola Rossa

When you’re looking for a day at the beach in Sassari, then your best bet is to make the short hop to the small seaside village of Isola Rossa. The village is all about unwinding, with everything geared around the beach. It’s just how you imagine an idyllic Sardinian beach to be; white sands, clear blue waters and stunning surrounding countryside. When you’re feeling peckish, head to one of the coastal cafes and trattorias to tuck into some scrumptious Sardinian food.

Hotels in Sassari

Castelsardo | Sardegna | Italia

Volo e hotel, 7 notti, Camera doppia, Pernottamento e prima colazione


Per persona


Stintino | Sardegna | Italia

Volo e hotel, 7 notti, Villa, Solo camera


Per persona


Things to Do in Sassari

Exploring Sassari...


Like the Egyptian pyramids, there are lots of theories about Sassari’s Monte d’Accoddi, but no-one really knows the story behind this ancient monument. It was built around 4,000 BC and is made up of stone stairs and an altar area. If you want to see something a little more modern in Sassari, check out the art and architecture inside the Cathedral of St Nicholas of Bari. The Ducal Palace is also worth a look to check out the glamour of days gone by.


If you time your holiday to Sassari right, you can enjoy one of the city’s colourful festivals. The locals dress up in folk costumes and ride along on horses at the Cavalcata Sarda. This spring celebration has been running for more than 100 years and people from across Sardinia come along. The Sardinia Film Festival is also held in Sassari, showing all types of flicks.

Asinara National Park

Jump head first into the beautiful countryside around Sassari by visiting the nearby Asinara National Park. You’ll see exotic plants and a fair few animals in the park, including Sardinia’s iconic albino donkey. You can take guided tours of the park on foot, bicycle or even horseback.

Beaches in Sassari

Some of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches are on the doorstep of Sassari. You’ve got tons to choose from, whether it’s the popular spots in Alghero and Isola Rossa, or small isolated coves. If you’re feeling energetic, make sure you try some of the watersports on offer in this area. Windsurfing, kitesurfing and scuba diving are just some of the activities that you’ll find. 

Food and drink in Sassari

Sardinian cuisine

The focus of the grub in Sardinia is on the sea, with brilliant fresh fish and seafood available. You won’t go far wrong with a plate of freshly fried calamari. But around Sassari, you’ll also find lots of delicious vegetable-based dishes. These include a cabbage and pork soup called cavolata and a bean and sausage stew known as favata. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then try the nut and raisin treats of papassini. 

Restaurants in Sassari

You’ll find eateries for all tastes and budgets in Sassari. If you’re looking to push the boat out, then take the plunge in one of Sassari’s gourmet restaurants. There are also plenty of family-run trattorias which are easier on the wallet.

Going to Sassari with easyJet holidays

If you’re keen for your Sardinian holiday to be focused on the island’s culture and history, rather than its beaches, then Sassari is a great option. You’re still within easy reach of the coast in Sassari, but it’s a destination where it’s all about exploring and learning. Booking a holiday with easyJet holidays is the most straightforward way of travelling to Sassari. Plus, you’ll save some dosh when you book a hotel and flight together with easyJet holidays. Check out our other Sardinia destination guides if you still haven’t made up your mind.