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Boutique Price Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

Buy a product from our Boutique and if you find it cheaper on the high street we will happily refund the difference.
To make a price guarantee claim, please fill in the webform.

Only passengers with a valid easyJet boarding pass are eligible for the easyJet Price Guarantee.

Claims must meet all the detailed criteria of Comparable Products, Comparable Prices & Comparable Stores as described below.

The Boutique Price Guarantee is only valid for publicly advertised products in the UK.


To make a Price Guarantee claim, please fill in the webform. You will be contacted by a representative to process the refund, subject to the claim meeting these Terms and Conditions.

Claims must be made within 28 days of the purchase from easyJet Boutique AND within 5 days of the cheaper comparable product being advertised.

In order to make the claim, you will need to provide a copy of the receipt for purchase from easyJet Boutique, details of the item and evidence to support the advertised cheaper priced product.

All applicable Price Guarantee refunds will be made to a valid credit or debit card.


Comparable products included within the Boutique Price Guarantee are those products that are identical to one another. If there are differences, including, but not limited to: pack size & weight, format, packaging, colour, flavour or variety, then the products are deemed non-comparable.

Product exclusions: For legal reasons tobacco and tobacco related products cannot be included within the Price Guarantee. Also any 'Duty Free' products sold to passengers flying within the EU where additional tax and/or duty has been paid at the time of purchase. Travel Exclusives, Funcard and transport and attraction tickets are also excluded.


The Boutique Price Guarantee covers UK high street stores only and so does not apply to items found on market stalls, within mail order catalogues, membership retailers or from online only retailers and auction sites.


The lower priced product must be priced in GBP.

We cannot accept refund claims in instances where you have found a lower priced product that has been discounted in a sale, a limited period price event, where the lower price is due to a discount or promotional voucher or where the item is part of a bulk/case deal.

Any discount vouchers used against your easyJet Boutique purchases will be applied equally across all applicable items within the transaction to create a reduced price for comparison purposes.


Gate Gourmet Switzerland GmbH reserves the right to withhold the issue of easyJet Price Guarantee refunds where we suspect that any false or fraudulent claim is being made or when our goodwill is being abused.

Gate Gourmet Switzerland GmbH reserves the right to remove individual Comparable products from easyJet Price Guarantee.

Gate Gourmet Switzerland GmbH reserves the right to withdraw the easyJet Price Guarantee or update / amend these terms and conditions at any time.

Only passengers with a valid easyJet boarding pass are eligible for the easyJet Price Guarantee.

Promoter: Gate Gourmet Switzerland GmbH.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Gate Gourmet Switzerland GmbH at

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