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Prepay voucher - Terms and Conditions

    Headline Terms and Conditions

    Buy vouchers in advance of flying to use onboard your flight

    • Buy vouchers online once you have booked your flight with us and save up to 20% on drinks and snacks onboard (subject to availability and whilst stocks last)
    • Change will not be given, so make sure you use all credit available on the voucher
    • Print off your vouchers and take them with you on board your flight to present during the inflight bistro service
    • No more than 10 vouchers may be purchased per passenger per flight
    • Vouchers are only valid on the selected flight for which they are purchased
    • Vouchers are non-transferable (vouchers can only be used by the passenger that has purchased the voucher during the specified flight) and non-refundable

    Full Terms and Conditions

    Prepay Voucher to use onboard your flight

  1. Definitions

    For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”), the following words shall have the following meanings:

    • “Booker” shall refer to the lead passenger in whose name the flight booking has been made;
    • “easyJet” shall refer to easyJet Airline Company Limited;
    • “Passenger” shall refer to the Booker and any other passenger on the Booker’s booking;
    • “Products” shall refer only to food and drinks products in the onboard section of the easyJet Inflight magazine, and excludes (i) any goods from the Boutique section of the Inflight magazine, (ii) any other products and/or services provided by easyJet or any of easyJet’s partners, (iii) any onward travel services available for purchase on-board, and (iv) any products and services offered at the airport;
    • “Selected Flights” shall refer to the routes on which the vouchers are available; and
    • “Voucher” shall refer to prepay vouchers that Passengers will be invited by email to purchase online after booking a Selected Flight with easyJet, which may be redeemed onboard the Selected Flight against Products.

    Availability and Use of the Vouchers

  2. The Booker on Selected Flights will be invited by email to purchase Vouchers for use on-board the easyJet flights they have booked.
  3. Vouchers can only be purchased by the Booker. When there is more than one Passenger on a single booking, the Booker can purchase Vouchers on behalf of the other Passengers on that same booking. 
  4. Vouchers are available in denominations of GBP 5.00  GBP 10.00 and GBP 20.00.
  5. The purchase price of each Voucher is 80% of its redeemable value. Therefore the cost of the Vouchers are as follows:

  6.  Cost (GBP)   Voucher Value (GBP) 
    4.00 5.00 
    8.00 10.00 
    16.00 20.00 

  7. After Vouchers have been purchased online by the Booker, the Booker must print the Vouchers and ensure that they take the printed Vouchers with them on the Selected Flight.
  8. Vouchers can only be exchanged for Products onboard the Selected Flight for which they have been purchased, as noted on each Voucher.
  9. easyJet reserves the right to change the list of available Products at any time and easyJet cannot guarantee availability of all Products on all Selected Flights.
  10. easyJet reserves the right to amend the list of Selected Flights in respect of  which the Vouchers are available for purchase at any time. If easyJet changes the ability to use Vouchers on a Selected Flight after Vouchers have been purchased for that Selected Flight, easyJet will reimburse the amount paid for affected Vouchers in accordance with clause 19 below.
  11. easyJet reserves the right to modify this Voucher scheme or cancel Vouchers already purchased. If easyJet modifies or cancels Vouchers after they have been purchased, easyJet will reimburse the amount paid for affected Vouchers in accordance with clause 21 below.
  12. The name on the Vouchers must match the name on the boarding pass of the Passenger who intends to redeem the Voucher. When the Booker purchases Vouchers on behalf of other Passengers on that same booking, the Booker must enter the names of the other Passengers correctly on their respective Vouchers. easyJet reserves the right to inspect boarding passes to ensure that the correct Passenger is exchanging the Voucher(s).
  13. easyJet reserves the right to refuse to allow exchange of the Vouchers onboard the Selected Flight if its staff have reasonable suspicion that the Passenger has fraudulently attempted to duplicate Vouchers, or otherwise seek to disadvantage easyJet by misuse of this Voucher scheme.
  14. easyJet reserves the right to refuse to exchange Vouchers which have been defaced or destroyed, and/or are illegible.
  15. easyJet will retain Vouchers after they have been exchanged.

  16. Refund

  17. A Voucher cannot be refunded if not used on the Selected Flight specified on the Voucher, regardless of whether the Passenger flies or not. Subject to clauses 16, 17, and 18below, a Passenger who misses their flight or does not use their Voucher(s) for any reason within or outside of their control will not receive a refund for unused Vouchers.
  18. Where easyJet cancels a Selected Flight or the Selected Flight is  cancelled due to an event of major disruption, this will constitute a reason for refund under clause 21.    
  19. If easyJet is unable to serve any of the Products on a Selected Flight, the Booker can apply for a refund in respect of the Vouchers that they have purchased which are affected by this in accordance with clause 21. Lack of availability of some Products on a Selected Flight does not constitute a cause for refund under this clause.  
  20. If the Booker has purchased Vouchers for a Selected Flight but subsequently rebooks the Selected Flight for a later date, it is not possible to transfer the Voucher to the rebooked flight. Instead, the Booker will be permitted to apply for a refund of the Voucher under clause 21. The Booker must purchase new Vouchers for the rebooked flight if they wish to use Vouchers on the rebooked flight.        
  21. If the total cost of the Products purchased onboard the Selected Flight is less than the value of the Voucher(s) used to purchase the Products, the unused amount of the Voucher(s) will not be refunded and change will not be given to the Passenger. The difference between the cost of the Products and the value of the Voucher cannot be set off against the cost of any other purchase of easyJet’s products or services, or any of easyJet partners’ products or services or at any airport.
  22. If the total cost of the Products purchased onboard the Selected Flight is greater than the value of the Voucher(s) used to purchase the Products, the Passenger must pay the difference in cash or by card (where this payment method is available) in order to meet the total cost of the Products. 
  23. If the Booker is eligible for refund under these terms and conditions, the Booker should contact easyJet Customer Services via the contact form, or by phone at 0330 365 5000*. Calls will be charged at local rates. Find out about call rates on our website. Please note that calls may be monitored and recorded for training and security purposes.

  24. Refunds can only be claimed by the Booker on behalf of other Passengers on the Booking.Refunds can only be claimed for the amount paid for the Vouchers rather than the value for which they can be redeemed.

  25. Age Restrictions

  26. Passengers travelling on a Selected Flight younger than 18 years of age may exchange Vouchers if given permission by the Booker who purchased the Vouchers.
  27. Vouchers can only be used for alcohol by Passengers who are 18 years old or over.
  28. Use of Your Personal Data

  29. By purchasing the Vouchers, Passengers agree to easyJet processing their data in accordance with easyJet’s Privacy Policy. easyJet may also pass the Passengers’ information to trusted third parties to enable them to market or provide services.
  30. Governing Law and Other Provisions

  31. These terms and conditions are subject to English law and the non-exclusive jurisdiction of English Courts.
  32. These terms and conditions are also subject to the existing terms and conditions for easyJet’s Bistro magazine, which shall apply to all sales of Products.