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Vouchers Terms & Conditions

If you have requested an easyJet flight voucher online this will be emailed to the easyJet account holder that made the original booking. We're currently processing flight voucher requests within 7 days.

All valid flight vouchers set to expire before 31 July 2023, have been extended until 31 July 2023, offering more time to book a flight with us.

You don’t need to travel before the voucher expiry date, you just need to book a flight by then. Flight vouchers can be used for any destination currently on sale on our network and flights are currently available to book up until 23 March 2024.


  • Vouchers are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Vouchers are not combinable and only one voucher can be redeemed per booking. Vouchers cannot be redeemed after the expiry date.

Flight Vouchers

  • Vouchers set to expire before 31 July 2023 are now valid until 31 July 2023. All other vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue (unless otherwise advised by easyJet). You do not need to travel before the expiry date, you can book onto any flights that are on sale at the time you redeem your voucher.
  • The voucher can be used on or the easyJet mobile app using the same easyJet account as the original booking. The voucher code must be entered on the payment page prior to completion of the booking. Only one voucher can be used per booking.
  • If the new booking is greater than the voucher value, the difference must be paid by card. If the new booking is lower than the voucher value, the remaining value is stored and can be used on future bookings within the expiry date.
  • The new booking must be for easyJet flights only (including any seats and bags booked at the same time). The voucher cannot be used where other ancillaries are added such as cars or travel insurance. Vouchers cannot be redeemed at the airport.
  • The new booking must be made in the same currency as the voucher.
  • Some booking types might not be eligible for a voucher and therefore a refund may be issued instead. If you made your booking via a tour operator, travel agent or OTA please contact them directly to get your voucher or refund. We are not responsible for any third-party fees.

Flight vouchers - top questions answered

1. How do I use my voucher?

Search for the flights you want to book, online or on our app. When you reach the payment page, you’ll see the option to ‘add a voucher’. Please enter your voucher code and then press ‘apply voucher’. Vouchers issued by our Customer Services team will also require a password, which you’ll be prompted to enter next.

Your voucher value will be automatically deducted from the total price. Any remaining balance will be saved on the voucher, and can be redeemed the next time you book, as long as you book before the voucher expires.

2. What can my online voucher be used for?

Your voucher can be redeemed on any new booking (excluding travel insurance and car hire). If you’ve already booked a trip, and would like to use to add bags or seats to the existing booking, please call our Customer Services team who'll be able to help

3. I’m having trouble using my voucher, what can I do?

  • Does the currency match? The currency on the payment page must be the same as the currency on the voucher.
  • Is your voucher registered under another account? Online vouchers can only be redeemed by the person/booker who originally requested them. Please check you’re using the right easyJet account.
  • Does your voucher need a password? Vouchers issued by our Customer Services team require an eight character password, which you can find on your original voucher email.
  • Is your voucher code correct? If you have a voucher beginning with CX/CG, please only type in the last five characters.

4. How long will my voucher last?

Flight vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue (unless advised otherwise by us).

5. Who can use my voucher?

For vouchers issued by our contact centre, anyone can use them as long as they have the voucher code and password and permission to use it from the voucher owner. For online vouchers, only the account holder the voucher belongs to can use it

6. Can I use my voucher on the Mobile App?

Yes, you can use the voucher on the app to pay for bookings excluding travel insurance and car hire

7. Can I use multiple vouchers on a booking?

Only one voucher can be used when making a booking online. However, if you contact our Customer Services team, we’ll be happy to help you make a booking using multiple vouchers, but there will be a fee of £5 per person per flight.

8. How do I receive a voucher?

If your flight has been cancelled and you were unable to reschedule, you can request a voucher via Manage Bookings or contact our dedicated team.

9. I cannot find my voucher details

You can search for your voucher by searching for the term ‘flight voucher’, 'easyJet voucher’, or the booking reference of the disrupted flight your voucher was issued for.

Please also check your junk and spam folders. Vouchers can take up to seven days to be issued. We'll send the voucher details to the email registered on the booking.

10. Can I use my flight voucher for an easyJet Holiday?

Unfortunately, flight vouchers are only issued for disrupted flights, and can’t be used for an easyJet Holiday at the moment. If you have an easyJet Holiday voucher, or credit, you can find out more information about how to use it on the Holidays Help Centre.

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