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Holidays in Llucmajor

Made up of 16 towns, Llucmajor is a commercial municipality that lies on the south side of Majorca. The district is steeped in history and really champions natural beauty, with its unique position below the Puig de Randa. A 543-metre high mountain plain, the Randa is considered a place of pilgrimage for many, but if the only pilgrimage you’ll be making is to Cala Pi beach, we wouldn’t blame you!

Step back in time to the first hermitage and make memories in a town tucked below the fertile hills. Home to a twice-weekly market and one of the island’s most important time-honoured events, Llucmajor Fair, this region proudly presents its visitors with an array of sights and attractions, including Church Sant Miquel and Capocorb Talayot Village.

Top resorts nearby Llucmajor


Just over 4,500 people call Algaida their home. This traditional town will give you a glimpse into the sheer beauty of inland Majorca. Its history dates back to 1232 AD, and despite evolving into a rural town over the years, its sandstone buildings, narrow streets, and countryside-scattered windmills keep its past alive. Two small villages, Randa and Pina, make up part of the municipality, where you can find Gordiola glassworks and a number of daily markets.


Back in the year 1300, Jaume II founded Campos. Located on Majorca's south side, Campos is certainly worth a visit. Village fairs and festivals are held around the untouched setting, which is popular among cyclists. If you're lucky, you may catch an art exhibition at 14th-century villa Casal Can Pere Ignasi, which is near the Museum of the Parish of St Julian. Should you be heading in the direction of Cala Pi, check out Capocorb Vell - a Bronze Age settlement.

El Arenal

If you want to speed up the tempo, seek out the resort of Arenal, better known as El Arenal. Located in Playa de Palma's eastern end, El Arenal is vastly popular with German holidaymakers and those who want to party until dawn. This has influenced the menus, and even the language written on signs in some areas. You can also find the island's biggest waterpark – the awesome Aqualand - in this resort, which is just footsteps from the main beach. Enter the park for wild spills and thrills, or consider making a swift hop to Palma for sightseeing and shopping.

Hotels in Llucmajor

Llucmajor | Majorca | Spain

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room / single room, Bed and breakfast

£ 373.70

per person


Llucmajor | Majorca | Spain

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room / single room, Bed and breakfast

£ 384.59

per person


Things to Do in Llucmajor

Exploring Llucmajor…

Aqualand El Arenal

Are you ready to take on Majorca's largest water park? Aqualand El Arenal is specially designed for children and families. The young ones can cool off in Polynesia or Dragonland - two water playgrounds featuring an exciting range of attractions. A total of 12 slides can be found in the Kidzworld section, which is closely monitored by a trained lifeguard. For an adrenaline rush, spiral down Tornado and into the plunge pool below, experience the feeling of vertigo on Kamikaze or fulfil your need for speed on the Rapids. If you are brave enough, slide through 12 metres of pitch darkness in the Black Hole.

Llucmajor Beaches

Some of Majorca's best beaches are located near Llucmajor, with one of the most popular seafront spots being Alcudia Beach. White sand and turquoise waters create a stunning spectacle at this beach, which tends to be a lot busier than Alcanada Beach. Unspoilt Cal Boquer Beach can be accessed via a hilltop trail. If you stroll along the sand between Lluc Major and Palma S´Arenal, you will find yourself on the beach of S´Arenal. Cala Pi, Cala Beltran, and Cala Mosques are three other beaches accessible from the resort.

Arab Baths

Take a glimpse back to the 10th-century, when the Banys Arabs (Arab Baths) were built. Dating back to a period when the Moors were in power, the Banys Arabs are a reminder of Medina Mayurqa, the city that existed before Palma. Estimated to have been in use between the 10th and 12th centuries, these impressive baths were constructed using recycled materials from the Muslim, Byzantine, and Roman eras. If you inspect the recycled columns carefully, you will notice how each one differs in design.

Poblado talayótico de Capocorb Vell

Time stands still at Poblado talayótico de Capocorb Vell, formerly one of the largest villages in Majorca. As you wander around the village, keep an eye out for the five talayots (round towers only found in the Balearics). These talaiots are a significant reminder of the culture, which remained alive sometime between 1300 and 800 BC. Held together without mortar, the structures at Poblado talayótico de Capocorb Vell sit 100 metres above sea level. A popular spot for photography, the ancient remnants of a bygone era are recognised as some of the Balearic Islands' most highly excavated sites.

Food and Drink in Llucmajor

Llucmajor Cuisine

Everyone's taste buds can be treated with the cuisine on offer in this part of Majorca. Llucmajor's food scene is diverse and caters to the many tourists that descend upon the resort throughout the year. Whether you want to devour Japanese, Asian, Italian or western fare, you won't have trouble satisfying your appetite. Thankfully, Spanish cuisine is still the most prominent and delicious!

Llucmajor Restaurants

Take a swing at Maioris golf course before feasting on freshly cooked Italian cuisine at the nearby La Focaccia Restaurant. Alternatively, chow down on local nosh in a cave-like setting at Galdent, which is based near casual dining spots like Restaurante Tropical and Bistro Mercat. For ocean views and fine dining, check out Varadero Beach or Mhares Sea Club.

Going to Llucmajor with easyJet Holidays

Prepare to put your feet up and bask in beautiful surroundings when you book your trip to Llucmajor through easyJet holidays. Offering the perfect mix of culture and tourism, this picturesque part of Majorca is home to a wide range of accommodation options that you’ll find easily on the easyJet holidays website. Save yourself time and money by booking your hotel and flights together through easyJet holidays.

If Llucmajor sounds a little sleepy for your tastes, head on back to Majorca for more holiday inspiration!