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A bright start to the Amalfi Coast

The first stop on the Amalfi Coast after Naples, Sorrento is one of the most famous towns in the area, and with good reason. With so much to do, Sorrento holidays can include much more than sipping limoncello and sunbathing – though, of course, lots of people choose to do just that. Connected to Naples by train, Sorrento is as easy to visit as it is to stay in – its pedestrian streets and abundant lemon trees attracting both shoppers and weekenders.

Several notable museums and villas offer sightseeing opportunities, while its marinas and ports feature colourful boats and elegant façades beloved by Instagram users. Dip in and out of the sea along small sandy beaches while considering a boat tour or a meal in one of the town’s many restaurants, and remember that holidays to Sorrento are just the start of your love affair with the towns of the world-famous Amalfi Coast.

Your Sorrento questions, answered

As it’s a major tourist hub, you may find that prices are a bit higher than in nearby Naples, but they come with a high quality of service to match.

Sorrento has everything families could need for a pleasant Italian stay, not least the exceptional range of gelaterias with a host of inventive flavours to keep everyone sweet.

Sorrento is a centre of intricate wood inlay crafts – look for wooden boxes in an astonishing range of styles and colours. Look out also for pretty cameo jewellery.

Best things to do in Sorrento

Try a little limoncello

The town centre has several places to learn all about the local lemon liqueur’s production – and to sample a chilled glass of it afterwards, of course.

Stroll the marinas

The Marina Grande and Marina Piccola are two picturesque ports that define the coastline of Sorrento – and offer ferries to nearby Naples and the island of Capri.

Take a tasting tour

With Michelin-starred restaurants and local tavernas serving authentic specialities, Sorrento’s dining scene caters well to both locals and visitors who want to explore all of Italy’s culinary styles.