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Olympia Holidays

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Peloponnese holidays

The birthplace of the Olympics

Perhaps the best-known corner of the Peloponnese, Olympia is the birthplace of the Olympic Games and mythological home of the ancient Greek gods. The original Olympia, located 500 metres from the modern town, was where, according to Greek myth, Zeus first held the famous sports event to celebrate beating his father Kronos in a wrestling match.

But Olympia holidays offer far more than a fascinating history lesson – there is plenty to explore in this culture-steeped destination. You can visit the site of the first Games and walk among the 3,000-year-old ruins, which to this day still host the lighting of the Olympic torch. Then venture into the leafy village square – you’ll find several craft shops and some pretty cafés, where locals gather to discuss politics and sip their afternoon coffee.

The surrounding countryside is equally eye-catching, with olive groves and vines studding the Peloponnese hills. Climb to the top of the Hill of Kronos for panoramic views over the ancient temple of Zeus and the Alfeios river. Holidays to Olympia are the perfect balance of ancient history and modern-day relaxation.

Your Olympia questions, answered

Olympia is located about a 25-minute drive from the coast. Head to the port town of Katakolon to discover sprawling, white-sand beaches – Agios Andreas Beach is particularly beautiful.
Olympia is ideal for families looking for a varied holiday. Parents and older children will appreciate the history, while everyone will love being close to the coast, countryside and village life.
The Mediterranean climate means it’s warm throughout summer and autumn with plenty of sunshine and seasonal winds. In winter, the weather is normally fairly mild.

Best things to do in Olympia

Discover the ruins

A visit to Olympia is not complete without a tour of the Olympic stadium. You’ll also see the Temple of Hera ruins, where the Olympic flame was first lit.

Get back to nature

The Peloponnese countryside provides the perfect conditions for growing grapes and olives, and also keeping bees. Book a visit to a honey farm and take home a pot of the sweet stuff.

Visit a museum

Soak up more history at the Archaeological Museum, home to some of the world’s rarest relics including the statue Hermes of Olympia, discovered in the Temple of Hera.