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Arcadia Holidays

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Peloponnese holidays

A scenic Greek paradise

In the heart of Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula, Arcadia is heaven for nature enthusiasts. From stone-hewn monasteries in soaring gorges with racing rivers, to placid lakes and flower-dotted valleys, the scenery is a knockout. And then there are the historical villages, with their traditional stone architecture.

On Arcadia holidays, you’re likely to be amazed at every turn, and the area has a mythical feel – it’s no wonder it’s the home of the god Pan in ancient Greek mythology. Sitting in the centre of Arcadia is Tripoli town, where you’ll find a more cosmopolitan vibe rubbing up against the layers of history.

Across the region, meanwhile, you’ll encounter delicious food made using local produce and served in rustic restaurants, not to mention cute cafés where you can stop to enjoy a cup of thick, syrupy Greek coffee. Holidays to Arcadia are a perfect choice for families, couples and solo travellers after an authentic taste of Greece, set against an awesome backdrop.

Your Arcadia questions, answered

Arcadia is a great place to explore on foot, both in town and on the trails that wind through the hills and mountains. To explore further afield, it’s worth renting a car.
You’ll find some fabulous local crafts being created in this region: head to Petrovouni for traditional handmade furniture, Stemnitsa for fine jewellery and Langadia for pottery.
Arcadia is a year-round destination. Spring and autumn offer good conditions for long hikes, in summer you can swim in the lakes and rivers, and winter is ideal for skiing.

Best things to do in Arcadia

Discover Tripoli

Admire the neoclassical houses on a stroll through Tripoli, then visit the archaeological museum to learn about the region’s ancient history – it’s housed in a building designed by renowned architect Ernst Ziller.

Visit ancient ruins

The ancient valley city of Gortys is one of the most impressive sites in Arcadia. You can tour the ruins, which include two acropolises, a bath house and several temples.

Try mountain sports

Arcadia is a region of forests, mountains, lakes and rivers, where you can have a go at rafting, hiking, mountain climbing or bouldering – and even skiing in winter.