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Enjoy a city’s cultural renaissance

If you haven’t yet considered this part of Western Germany, don’t hang about – Dortmund holidays offer an increasingly popular introduction to the region, and it’s a brilliant destination in its own right. Located in the Ruhr area, this former centre of steel manufacturing has evolved to become a modern cultural hub, attracting visitors both locally and internationally.

Although wartime bombings destroyed nearly 98 percent of the inner city, reconstruction has proceeded with enthusiasm and panache. Newer buildings house attractions like the German Football Museum and the modern art-filled Museum Ostwall. You should also pop into the Natural History Museum, and take in the great views from the TV Tower. Some historical sites do remain, including the Baroque spire of the Reinoldikirche towering over the city, while the former brewery, Dortmunder U, is perhaps the city’s cultural heart.

Speaking of beer, the Dortmunder pale lager is a particular standout. Sip a pint while sampling the regional specialities like black pudding with stewed apples and mash, particularly in pubs and restaurants along the waterfront district, Hafenviertel. Spend some time walking through the city parks as well, especially the Rombergpark, one of the world’s largest botanical gardens. Holidays to Dortmund will surprise and captivate any traveller looking for a cultural getaway.

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Three tips for a top trip

Get your ticket stampedMake sure to follow the public transport rules, and be sure to stop by the orange boxes at stations to stamp your train tickets before boarding.
Come for ChristmasWith one of Germany’s best Christmas markets, Dortmund offers an attractive alternative to bigger cities during the festive season, when stalls take over the whole town.
Head out on two wheelsA bike-share programme called Metropolradruhr offers an excellent way to explore the city – pick a bike up from any bike station and drop it off near your destination.

Best attractions to see in Dortmund

The Museum Ostwall

The modern art museum is a standout on the cultural scene with its rich selection of Expressionist and other 20th-century artworks, including paintings, sculptures and photographs.

Cherry blossoms

The streets around Kaiserviertel are known for their cherry blossom trees, much-photographed over the years. The sight attracts visitors to this upscale area each spring.

Parks and gardens

From the Rombergpark botanical gardens to the wealth of other green spaces dotted around the city, Dortmund offers a surprising amount of nature and clean air.

Your Dortmund questions, answered

You obviously haven’t been drinking enough German beer. It’s one of Germany’s oldest brewing centres and their local lager is hugely popular across the country.

Over three million people visit during the holidays, so expect crowds at the famous Christmas market, decked out with lights, trees and more than 300 stalls.

Apart from beer and culture, the city is known for its techno and dance music, with clubs and parties that rival those of Germany’s capital, Berlin.