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Holidays in Safaga

Travel Information

Language: Arabic (French and English widely spoken)

Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)

Holidays in Safaga

Safaga Holidays

  • Boasting some of the best beaches in Egypt, Safaga is the ideal place to head to for a lazy break beside the Red Sea.  
  • Found within upper Egypt, Safaga is the ideal base for those who want to sightsee, delving into the rich, ancient past of the country and visiting some of its phenomenal sites.
  • Adventurous travellers will find plenty to keep them entertained whilst on holiday in Safaga, as it’s the ideal destination for some water sports.

An alluring coastline

Safaga sits along a slick coastline, which is said to be home to some of Egypt’s finest beaches. The sands here are scattered across shiny black dunes, and there is plenty of space along the shoreline for sunbathing.    

Making waves    

If you feel like delving into the waters of the Red Sea, just a paddle might do you wonders, as the water is said to have a beneficial affect on the skin, due to its high salt levels. If you’d prefer your time in the sea to be more adventurous, you can try some local water sports, with kite surfing and wind surfing proving particularly popular in the area.    

Under the surface of the sea hides an intriguing world filled with vibrant sea life and captivating marine creatures. Take a boat ride to the nearby reefs of Tobia Arbaa and Tobia Hamra and you can marvel at some of these underwater sights on a scuba diving trip. The reefs are filled with unforgettable highlights, from anemone cities to eel gardens.

Soaking up some culture

No holiday to Egypt would be complete without exploring some of its ancient history, so it is worth exploring the surrounds whilst enjoying a holiday in Safaga. Day trips from the town will take you to some magical destinations that are filled with intriguing monuments, such as Luxor, which has been dubbed the Largest Outdoor Museum in the World.      

If the sweeping beaches of the coast have you dreaming of a holiday in Safaga, take a look at one of Egypt’s most popular beachside destinations Sharm el Sheikh.    

If you plan to spend your holiday in Safaga travelling across the local area for historical sites and ancient attractions, why not visit the famed city of Cairo, and head to the Pyramids of Giza?

Hotels in Safaga

Soma Bay | Red Sea | Egypt

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room, All inclusive

£ 644.50

per person